How to Find deleted Instagram account

How to Find deleted Instagram account

Have you changed your mind? Are you missing your Instagram followers? Do you want to get your account back which you previously deleted? Do you know how to find a deleted Instagram account?

Instagram is the most used social media platform that is leading globally. You can connect the peoples all around the world using the exiting features of Instagram. That includes messaging in the form of text voice or video and also video calling, voice calling, and many more. Instagram is the most used platform for business broadcasting as well. Whatever the reason behind you wants your account back this article will definitely help you to find your deleted Instagram account. Also here we will discuss how you can set it up as you left it during your Insta-days.

What can be the reasons behind you want your Instagram account back?

The reason can be you simply bored with using Facebook or WhatsApp. Instagram is nothing but the simplified version of Facebook from the same family. Though Facebook offers all the facilities that IG offers but the user-friendly interface of IG makes it more comfortable to use. You can follow your favorite personalities to track their life going. You can be updated with the new brands and fashions by following their dedicated pages.

How you can find a deleted Instagram account and revive it?

If you deleted your account accidentally or intentionally and you want to recover your account back in form, you can do that. Instagram allows you to recover your deleted account whenever you want. So to find deleted Instagram account follow the steps we listed below-

Step-1: Firstly, open any browser that you use and you can do it from the application as well.

Step-2:  Then go to the login page of Instagram. CLICK HERE

Step-3: Here you enter your username, email, or phone number whatever you use to log in your account. Enter the password that you used last time.

Instagram account homepage

Step-4: Once you hit the sign-in button the login page will show you that the Instagram account is disabled with the reason for getting disabled.

Instagram account disabled error message

Step-5: Here a link of help center will be provided below the message. Go to that link. You can directly visit the help center page by skipping the previous steps. To visit the help center CLICK HERE.

Instagram help center contact page to recover account

Step-6: At the very beginning page of the help desk, you need to choose your account type. Choose your account type among business accounts and personal accounts by selecting yes or no the question ‘Is this account used to represent a business, product or service?’. Hit the send button.

Instagram verification business / personal account confirmation page

Step-7: Once you choose one among them the continuation of the page will be opened where you need to fill your ‘Full name’, ‘Your Instagram username’, ‘your email address’, and ‘Which country are you contacting us from?’. Provide the details accordingly and click send.

fill instagram user id first name last name email id etc

Step-8: Now a page may come to confirm what is the reason behind you deleted your account. Give the reason and click on Request support.

Step-9: Once you are done with this you have to wait for the response from their side through the email.

Instagram acknowledge email

Step-10: In this mail, they will ask you to send a few details of you for verification. Now you have to fill your details in a piece of paper. There you have to write your full name, your user name, the verification code, and a photo of yours. Also, add a recently clicked photo and a photo that is previously present on your Instagram account.

fill out and submit Instagram personal information for verification purpose

Step-11: Now send these details as a reply to the mail. Once they verify your account with your details they will activate your account within a few hours. Once your account will be activated you will receive a confirmation mail.


So now you know how to find a deleted Instagram account and how to recover your account. So once you are done with the above steps you can get back your account with all the old memories that you created. Keep in mind- in order to get your account you need to have at least one photo of you on your deleted account.

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