How to restart phone without power button

How to restart phone without power button

To learn how to reboot your mobile without using the power off button for Android/IOS?

Of course, it may happen you want to restart your phone without the power button. Many individuals face issues with their power buttons, Like Faulty or Jammed situations. Because of this issue, you are unable to restart your mobile phone. In this situation, You are left with a limited option to restart your device. But don’t worry, Because there are plenty of ways to get around this problem. I’ll guide you step through the step of how to restart a phone without a power button. I have shared multiple ways, So you don’t have to keep trying a single method if it did not work.

1) Connect your phone to a charger

You may be surprised to know but this method can restart the phone without a power button. A lot of time we just forgot to charge our battery, In such cases, Our phone gets into sleep mode. Effectively it’s power-off but when connected to a charger it automatically restarts your phone. For this, You just have to drain your battery completely or leave the phone for a day. After you think the phone has effectively, Went into ‘Sleep Mode’, Plugin your device with a charger. After few minutes, When your device will collect sufficient battery to boot up it will automatically restart itself.

2) Restart phone from the recovery mode

Using this method is for sure a way to restart the phone without a power button. If your power button is not working or faulty you can use the in-built recovery mode option. It is also called a boot menu, In here, You have total control over your device. And you get into the recovery mode with a few key combinations. A good number of devices, To be able to boot into recovery mode requires you to hold Volume up + Volume down with Home Button. For specific details about your phone, You can search “Your device model name” + “Recovery Mode”. Once you are in recovery mode you can navigate to the reboot option with the help of the Volume Up and Down button. I’m pretty sure using this method you would able to restart the phone without the power button.

3) Setup Double Tap On-Off Option

Of course, Here there is a lot of devices that now come with the option of double-tapping to wake or sleep your phone. It is a very simple feature, That makes the task of the power button obsolete. Normally, You would click the power button to wake or sleep on your device. But when using this option you just have to double click. You can find this option in the settings of your phone. You can make a quick search inside your settings to find the option. Just search Double Tap, And enable the option. This will for sure help you with your broken or faulty power button. If the double tap option doesn’t come with your phone you can also download a third-party app from the play store.

4) Make use of schedule power ON/OFF

Schedule power ON/OFF can help you restart the phone without the power button. If the above method fails, You can use this robust method to continue using your phone. Just head towards your setting option and look for schedule power ON/OFF. Here enable this feature, And set the scheduled timing. You can set the timing according to your usage. If you use your phone during the day time, You can set the OFF option for the night. This way every morning your phone would be restart automatically. You can even make adjustments for the weekends; If you want to use the phone for later nights.

5) Make use of third-party apps

Android is a very big ecosystem, And there are many developers that create apps for many problems. One of those problems is how to restart a phone without a power button? On the play store, you’ll find many applications for this purpose, But I would recommend Power Button to Volume Button app. Because it is one of the most popular apps for this problem. Using this app you can restart the phone without a power button. The best thing is the app is available on the play store for free.

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