3 Effective Ways to Unlock Android Phone Without Factory Reset

The 3 Effective Ways to Unlock Your Android Phone Without Factory Reset

How to Unlock Android Phone Without Factory Reset – According to research done by HYPR, people in the US and Canada have more than 20 Password for their-work life, and for their personal life this number exceed 45+. And similarly, a Dashlane Analysis in 2015 People have 90 Online passwords to remember and in the US it’s 120. Password protect your Phone Data but still, people tend to forget passwords easily.

Because of this massive growth in digital technology Phone Password is becoming an essential thing to remember. Recently, I forgot the pattern of my phone, and also, I can’t afford to lose the data.

I tried many things. but most of the things I got from the internet were useless or fake. So, in this article, you will get to know about proven methods which can unlock your android phone password without factory reset.

Ways to Unlock Your Android Phone Without using Factory Reset option

Method-1: Use Android Device Manager/Find My Phone to unlock your locked Android Phone

This is the easiest method by far to unlock Android Phones if you’ve enabled the Find My Device option on that phone. If you know your Google Account details you unlock your phone password without losing any data.

Find phone for android device manager
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Step one:

Firstly, you can go to the link provided here on a PC or any alternative Phone.


Step Two:

Now Recall your Google Account Details to login into your Google account and if you successfully logged in there then tap on Lock and then create a new passcode.

Step Three:

Unlock your phone with that passcode, see how easy it is!

Method-2: Use Forget Pattern to Unlock Locked Screen

Many of the phones have this feature: When you try wrong passwords for 5 Times then Forget Password will come and by clicking on it you can log in to your google email ID and unlock your phone. However, many phones don’t come up with this feature, they will ask you to wipe data for unlocking your phone. Mainly in Xiaomi phones, you won’t see this feature and of course also in Apple Phones.

Step one:

Type the wrong password, passcode, or pattern five times.

Step Two:

On the bottom right corner, you will see Forget Pattern option click on that.

google sign in page
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Step Three:

It will show you to enter a backup pin or Temporary Password; a backup pin is a pin where if you forgot your password you unlock it with a backup pin there. Or it will show enter your google accounts detail, fill it. Then you can unlock it by tapping on sign-in.

Asking backup pin to unlock mobile screen

If these 2 Methods did not work on your Phone, the third one will definitely work.

Method-3: Unlock Your Android Device with Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

This is the method by which your technician unlocks your phone without the password. You need some technical knowledge for this and a PC. This Android Debug Bridge will send a command to your phone and following these commands your phone has to do some developer changes.

Read the following instructions

Step One:

On your PC search on the internet ‘Android SDK Package’ and download it.

Step Two:

In the second step, you have to go to your Android Device Manufacturer’s website if don’t know their website you can simply search on the internet.

For example, if you have Samsung phone, you will search this ‘Samsung Device Manufacturer website’. And there download the Android USB Drivers.

Step Three:

Then connect your Android Phone to your PC or Laptop. And you have to launch the command prompt window.

Command Prompt Window

Step Four:

Copy this in your window: cd C:/android/platform-tools and then type: abd device and then press enter.

Step Five:

Copy and Paste this two-command next

  1. abd shell input text ‘your code’
  2. shellinput keyevent 66

Now, your Phone shall be unlocked by now and you can open it without losing any data. This method will only be working if your phone’s developer is on.

Bonus Method: Unlock Phone Password Without Factory Reset by Find My Mobile [For Samsung Users Only]

This smartphone manufacturer is giving its customer all possible services that they can. This method only works with Samsung phones only if you made an account in Samsung accounts. By following these steps, you can unlock your android device without factory reset and without losing any data.

Lock my device option

Step One:

Go to this link on your PC or any other mobile: https://findmymobile.samsung.com/

Step Two:

Now sign in to your Samsung account and then on the right panel select the ‘Unlock my Device’ option.

Last Method to know How to Unlock Android Phone Without Factory Reset

Step Three:

Then generate a new PIN, after that click on the ‘unlock’ option.

Wait for a while then you can easily unlock your Samsung phone with that new PIN. This method was similar to the Google account method. In case if you remembered the detail of your Samsung account.


These are the 3 Proven methods with one bonus here. Different have different ways to unlock it, considering all we’ve picked and practiced these methods by ourselves.

In this article, we haven’t discussed any paid methods, all the method discussed here are completely free.

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