How To Reset Android Phone When Locked

Tips About How To Reset Android Phone When Locked? From Industry Experts

How To Reset Android Phone When Locked-

As a matter of fact, Screen locks were first introduced in IBM Phones. From that time until now, screen locks are evolved. From Passcode to Face Lock this technology is in every device now.

Innovations are best until they start being difficult. Same in the Smartphone industry, screen lock keeps your data private until you forgot the password. After this, your data is private, from you also.

How To Reset your Android Mobile When Screen Locked? 

If you rush to your technician, wait a minute. Here I provide a free solution for you. You’ll learn how to reset the Android phones and also if you store your data in Memory/Micro SD card and Cloud systems, this reset won’t affect you much. Also, there are many ways to unlock your phone without a password, I’ll be sharing the proven methods.

Various Working Methods to Reset your android smartphone

Of course, here there are two possible ways you can reset a locked phone. But by reset, your phone will lose its all data. You can prevent this by relocating your important files which you can’t afford to erase in Memory card or Cloud storage. If before you forgot the pattern, you’ve done this. Then you can save your data by simply removing your Memory card or if your data is in Cloud storage, you don’t need to worry it won’t erase by reset.


Firstly, if you’ve got the latest android phone, just do this:

1) Try the password five times.

2) Then two options will appear ‘Emergency’ and ‘Forgot password’.

3) Tap on ‘Forgot password’, give your device permission to erase your phone’s data.

4) Now, After reset, you see the phone will be unlocked without getting any issues. Before you do this, just reminding remove your Memory card first if you don’t want to lose data on the Memory card.


Now, this is the traditional method. Works on both, the latest and on another Android phone:

1) The first thing is you can Turn off your android smartphone. And then hold the power button as well as your phone volume up button.

2) Then you’ll see an Android menu, you have to use volume buttons to go up/down and the power button to select.

3) More or less, you will see three options, you have to select “wipe data”.

4) And you have reset your phone by wiping data, this will unlock your Android.

That was easy, right?

You can also unlock your phone, by the next method. Obviously, the only important thing you need is to just enable the Android Device Manager on your smartphone.

Method-3: Unlock your locked android phone using Google Account

How To Reset Android Phone When Locked – This method will work for those, who have Android 4.4 or below. I believe this is also one working method, that can help your needs so far.

1) Firstly, go to this link. (This will only work if Android Device Manager is enabled)

2) Then you can select ‘Lock’ there.

3) Make a temporary password, you don’t need to write a recovery message.

4) If it is successful, you’ll see a confirmation below the box ‘Ring, Lock and erase’, you can select a lock.

5) The next thing is you can enter your temporary password and that’s it!. But then disable your temporary password.

Note:- You can do this but if you have a Samsung phone, you don’t need to do all this. Your phone brand has made something for you!

Unlock your Samsung phone with the Find my phone option

If you have a Samsung phone and more importantly, if you have made a Samsung account there is another way for you.

1) First of all, you can visit the Samsung Find my mobile webpage and then log in to your Samsung account here.

2) If your phone was registered there, you can see on the left-hand side “Unlock my screen”.

3) And then select ‘Unlock’ and then wait a minute

4) Yeah, Once the unlock process was successful, you will get a notification that your screen is unlocked.

Rooting is also an option, for some Tech lovers. In technical terms, you need a laptop, a zip file for your phone brand (You can search it on google for this). A software or a memory card slot to install a zip file in your phone. By simply installing it, your locked phone will get unlocked!

Pro Tips 🙂

If you’re reading this article, till now. You’ve got this how important our password is but still, many of us are weak in remembering passwords. But there was a time when our grandparents have to remember the Phone numbers of many peoples, as there was no software at that time. And if you’re struggling to remember passwords, here are some tips for you.

1) Try that thing, which is already stored in your brain memory.

2) It means if you are typing a password write the thing you will remember. As for me, it’s my bike name in CAPITAL. I won’t forget my bike’s name as it’s already in my memory, I don’t need to remember this every time.

3) The same goes for Passcode, you can write the numbers which are in your memory. As for me, it is my roll-number in college. Which is 147… sorry I won’t tell you.

That’s How To Reset Android Phone When Locked, I hope the above tip will help you to remember the password so easily. Thanks for reading!

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