How to factory reset Asus tablet [step-by-step] Guidance


Tablet is the most essential and common friend of a human now. From the office work to hardcore Gaming, watching movies to reading E-book everything is possible with a Tablet. Even you can travel anywhere anytime along with it. And people of every age can use this for their regular use. If you want to choose the best Tablet for all-purpose whatever if it is for office work or gaming, Asus Tablet is best on its price range. After a while of use or due to software issues we need to delete all user data or a  factory reset of the Asus tablet.

Yeah of course, it is not a big deal to reset your Asus tablet, you have to know the way to factory reset. In this article, you will know how to reset your  Asus tablet step by step.

Why you need a factory reset  of your Asus tablet

  • If your tablet is not working smoothly as it was when you buy it, maybe you need a factory reset to the Asus tablet.
  • your tablet is lagging but you can’t identify the issue for it then factory reset can be the solution.
  • If you want to remove all data from your phone memory and.
  •  you are going to sell your tablet it is necessary to factory reset your tablet before you handover.

The Main Draw Back of  factory reset of  Asus tablet

  • You will lose all the data from your internal memory. Which will not be recovered if you have not taken any backup.
  • If you don’t know the proper way of factory reset maybe your tablet will not turn on.
  • Resetting your device frequently can harm your device hardware, Processor, and Ram.
  • If your device does not turn on you have to visit the service center.

Note:  Before restarting your  ASUS Tablet make sure to take the backup of your necessary files, apps, images, contacts.

How to factory reset Asus Tablet

  • Firstly, Turn off your Tablet.
  • Afterwards you can press the power button and volume down button together until you see the recovery menu. And release the buttons.
  • By using volume buttons navigate to wipe data & factory reset.
  • And then press the power button to select Factory reset
  • using volume down button Navigate on “Yes delete all user data”
  • Press the power button to start resetting your tablet.

It will take a few minutes to reset the tablet. And after once the reset is complete it will reboot and it take a fresh start.

An Alternative way to reset Asus Tablet

  •  From the menu go to settings
  • Click on Backup and reset
  • Select Factory data and reset
  • Select Reset

Conclusion :

It is not a bad idea to reset your tablet. But make sure you are not resetting your Asus tablet too frequently. But make sure you kept the backup before the reset. You don’t have to take the backup of your important files manually if your device content is linked with your Gmail. Because now Gmail takes the backup of the device if you sign in with a Gmail account on that device and provide permissions of those important files.

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