How to Change Highlight Colour in Adobe Acrobat?

How to Change Highlight Colour in Adobe Acrobat

There are several types of features available in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Among that one of the most important features is how to change the highlight color in Adobe Acrobat in an easy method


While going through the materials in PDF, the reader may get lost in the text especially when it is huge. In that case, if the important parts are highlighted with different colors then it would be very easy for the reader to grab relevant information. For the purpose, the feature on how to change highlight colour in PDF is a prime feature. One can easily accomplish this task.

Snapshot on Adobe Acrobat & PDF

As a matter of fact, the Adobe Acrobat launched by the Adobe system. It is an application to deal with PDF files. This is a software that allows the user to view the PDF documents offline as well as online. This application also permits the user to create PDF files and also to edit or modify or print it.

Common Method to Change Highlight Colour of PDF

The process of Adobe Acrobat user gets the chance to explore one of the important features offered by the application. One can change the default highlight color by following some easy steps. Let the default highlighter color be yellow.

Step 1) To change this color user needs to go to the “view” option in the menu.

Step 2) Then from the drop-down box the “Tools” option is to be chosen.

Step 3) Then the option “comment” is to be clicked to enable the toolbar.

Step 4)Highlight Text” tool is to be selected.

Step 5) After that “color Picker” button is enabled and a color pallet will open.

Step 6) The desired color is to be selected.

How to Change Default Highlighter Colour from Highlight Properties

The yellow color is the default color for highlighting the text in PDF. In case the user wants to use some color other than yellow to highlight the text, the text edit tool is to be used. If the user right-clicks on this option the properties option will emerge. From there user will get the “Highlight Properties” box. Then one can get alternative highlighter colors. As users with any color might get chosen and to make that color default color just check the box for “Make properties default” at the bottom.

How to Change Highlighter Colour frequently using Highlighter Tool Properties

For some users, it is required to change the color of highlighting the text now and then. For ease of altering the highlighter color frequently, there is an option to shortlist some selected colors beforehand. Therefore whenever the user needs to change he or she does not need to follow the long process again and again.

Rather the user just needs to press “CTRL+E” to open a highlighter tool properties box. Then the user will get the previously selected set of colors to change the color to highlight with greater frequency rather in every new text line.

Further Applicability of Highlight Text Tool

To change multiple highlighted words press Ctrl and left click on the specific words. The Highlight Text Tool provides an option named as color picker under the appearance tab for switching the color. Besides, one can change the level of opacity of the selected color.

Beside this to make the selected color as default the box next to Make properties Default is to be checked. The newly chosen color would replace the older one immediately after the user clicks on OK.

From a practical point of view, the above mentioned process is not very convenient. So there is thankfully another faster and better way available. To open the Highlighter tool properties toolbar one may use the CTRL+E shortcut or perform the same shortcut after clicking on the highlighter icon.

This way the toolbar is opened always no matter what and the user can move it here and there on the screen. There would be a palette and a drop-down menu to modify the opacity.

These are the few ways you may follow to perform the task of marking the important parts within the whole body of text with color whichever you want. Follow the process that suits your work most.

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