7 Ways to Get Free Internet Service on Android Phone

The 7 Ways to Get Free Internet Service on Android Phone

You are reading this article on Internet, specifically WWW (World Wide Web), after these three W(s) are introduced to the world, our world has been changed drastically in all dynamics. This article is about 7 Ways to Get Free Internet Service on Android Phone

Internet is becoming are a necessity, till now this is the cheapest necessity you can purchase,

But this article isn’t about Wi-Fi recharge plans this is about getting the Internet Service for FREE!

In this Error-express article, you’ll get to know about requirements for free mobile data, what is VPN and how to use it for free Internet, and Google apps that provide free Internet Service.

Requirements for Android Phones for Free Mobile Data

Android Phones can have free Internet, under these requirements.

1) You should have an Android Phone; All Android versions can have free Internet Data.

2) You must have Active Data Plan for your smartphone with zero balance.

3) There shouldn’t be any balance on your phone.

Now, let’s get straight into the topic

Use VPN For Free Wi-Fi

VPN means Virtual Private Network. In this digital era, you can see Wi-Fi everywhere. In restaurants, Railway Stations and in Airports, you can find them everywhere. But how secure they are is questionable.

VPN can reduce this risk to a great extent. In case, if you don’t, the Wi-Fi provider which is providing you the Free Internet can see what you’re browsing and seeing on the web. And also due to an open network, many hackers can hack the connections that are connected, if you do UPI Payment with your phone you don’t want to lose that, do you?

How to use VPN?

You can look for a VPN in the settings turn that on and then select your server, but if you haven’t found out that, then you can download it from Google Play Store.

Wi-Fi Password

In Play Store there are many Apps present that can break the Wi-Fi password. By understanding the algorithms of the Wi-Fi router, they had created some numbers which can help you to make a Wi-Fi open for you.

Ethically it’s wrong and also you need some kind of technical knowledge to operate that app. Always ask for the permission of that internet connection owner but in emergence, you can use that.

Databack APP

You have a monthly data pack but if it’s over you have to recharge again. But this app can help you in this situation before your next recharge sometimes, you are without any data plan. This App helps you to save excess data, that you’re using when your data is on.

This app can save that excess part and give it to you afterward when don’t have any mobile data plan. You surf browser and social media with your remaining data. Search Databack on Play store.

Gigato APP

Gigato is a popular app among youngsters. By using this app you can earn free internet on this app.

But make sure you have no internet or balance on your phone. This app also provides other apps that can help you to get more internet.

Mcent App

This app is also very similar to Gigato App. But the little bit of difference is when you download the app according to Mcent App, they claim that they will give you 5$ for this.

Opera Mini Achusoft App

You can get some data, to use opera mini by opera mini. By using this proxy server, you can get free internet:

Name: AchusoftConfig


Port: 80

APN: airtelgprs.com

You have to download the opera mini browser and enter this above in Setting-> Network Setting-> Register yourself and enter the following setting.

If you want to use this method uninstall the other opera browser and then restart your device and then download the opera mini browser. Search it on google.

Kickbit App

By downloading and using this application for shopping from some free websites filling out forms and participating in various surveys they can give you a specific amount of free internet. You’ve some time you get some free internet.

FreedomPop App

This App provides you free internet by subscribing to their plan. Although the plans that they are telling you to subscribe to aren’t attractive as your service provider this app is compatible with both Android and IOS.

These were the 7 Ways to Get Free Internet Service on Android Phone

FAQ on How to Get Free Internet Service on Android Phone

Q: Do iPhone Users can get internet for free?

Answer: They can get but there are not many ways like Android users have. Though, you can connect your iPhone with a laptop, which has an internet connection.

Q: Can we get free internet by using a VPN?

Answer: No, VPN doesn’t help you to hack Wi-Fi passwords. It’s for securing your digital identity not only this but VPN also helps you to hide your locations. So, when you get free Wi-Fi don’t forget to on a VPN.

Q: Are the Apps that claim to give free internet service are Trustable?

Answer: The worst part about the Internet is you can’t trust anybody, you’ve to critically think before acting on the internet. And all of them but many are Trustworthy. We have provided a list of apps that can help but don’t trust them blindly.


These three W(s) were originated in 1989 by Tim Berners Lee by then Internet Technology evolved so far that this is becoming a crucial part of our lives.

Isn’t it a miracle to get this Hi-Tech technology for free? (No offense to JIO.)

So, that’s was 7 Ways Get Free Internet Service on Android Phone, I hope you get to know about a lot of things in this article.

If you want to dig deeper into this VPN Topic, which is crucial Nowadays. Then go to our website Errorexpress, and you’ll get almost all tech-related topics there. Goodbye!

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