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How to Get Rights on Copyrighted Music



For a music album or a video to release or publish, you need many peoples to create that. Not only that famous artist. but Record companies, copyright holders, Lawyers, and many others to release single music officially.

So, To create a profit from that work and to create a clear in terms of laws; there is Copyright Law. So, if you officially want to use that music; you need copyright or license.

By getting the License of that song you can use that piece of music in another form of creation. Like Political Party buys a license of a song to play it in their rally or a business that runs an Ad with that music, etc.

But by getting the copyrights, you can become the official owner of that song, you can sell that song for your profit or give that to the people by giving license.

The more popular the song the more expensive it will be. For example, the most expensive copyright music is Scream by Michael Jackson.

On the other hand, if you don’t need any famous music or a song. You just need background music in a commercial or in your YouTube Video etc.

You can get this from the following website; They will charge you the monthly subscription fee and give you the song.

Is public domain music available for free? Is it legal?

Is public domain music available for free

Public Domain Music is Music without anybody’s rights on them, it’s an exclusive intellectual property without any authority.

Before you buy music, check whether the music is in the public domain or not. Generally, when the right of the copyrights expires then the music is in the public domain. but often people don’t do copyright on that. Not only the normal ones but famous people also.

Like an Indian Youtuber Sandeep Maheshwari’s whole content is in Public Domain, he has more than 20 Million Subscribers yet any school or an educational institute or anybody can use his work for free.

How to Get Contact Information of Music Publisher?

How to Get Contact Information of Music Publisher

If you really want that song or music and checked that the music isn’t in the public domain, you need to have a lawyer to get a copyright or license of music. You can get the copyrights without a lawyer. but it’s better not to depend on verbal communication in this type of work.

It totally depends on the artist and copyright holder on how easy the process will be. For example, if you’ve chosen the song of a very famous record company or an artist you cannot directly contact them, There are multiple people in between them like their managers. So, if the song is uploaded on YouTube check out their description, they’ve mentioned some information that can be useful.

And luckily that beautiful song is created by some very good artists. but not so popular, your process would be easier. By searching them on social media or if they have a website you can contact them there, but if you want to look professional you can email them and negotiate about the work. See the record labels and if possible, buy that physical CD you can have some information there also.


By doing these things you can get copyrighted music. And after that, the communication part will come when you both will negotiate about the price. Our Tech website though couldn’t help you in the conversation part. 🙁

But you can follow these fundamentals:

  • Respect the work of that artist.
  • Give recognition that artists want.
  • Think from their point of view.

So that was How to Get Rights on Copyrighted Music…

And that’s only for this article, if you’re a YouTuber who wants to use Copyrighted Music, stay updated we’re making an article on that!

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