Understand How To Use Copyrighted Music On YouTube Before You Regret

Understand How To Use Copyrighted Music On YouTube Before You Regret.

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Ajey Nagar popularly known as ‘Carryminati’ is an Indian YouTuber who currently has more than 25 Million Subscribers. In the initial days, Nagar’s channel was banned due to various Copyright claims on his videos, but later on, because of his loyal Fan base, he got his channel once again.

Not every YouTuber can have this in their career, so now the question arises, how to use the copyrighted content without getting any strike, is it even possible? Yes, it is, and it’s ethical and legal.

What are the consequences when we use other copyrighted music added in the YouTube video?

Copyright Music

When Content ID found something copyrighted in your video, it will show you included copyrighted content. Content ID is a robust system which scans YouTube video before uploading and try to match that data with YouTube database. If YouTube found any copyright music, they’ll inform both the music owner and creator.

If the Music owner wants, he can claim copyright and, then YouTube will send you copyright strikes. Then Music owner will decide what to do with your video;

Here are some possible scenarios:

1) They’ll Monetize your video by Ads (This will give them revenue you earned by making the video; you won’t get anything)

2) They can mute your video (Video will be there but without audio)

3) They can Block your video (Your channel could also face that strike)

If your channel got a strike, then many times Music owners like it; but they’ll monetize your video. So cannot earn money from them. It also depends on how you’re using their content if you’re dancing on the song or doing some remix things, they probably won’t do anything. But if you’re trolling or roasting them, then you could be in trouble.

How Can You Save Yourself from Copyright Strikes?

The best option is to buy copyrights, or not use popular songs if you’re a big creator. Because if your channel isn’t monetized, then they don’t target you. But if you’re a popular YouTuber don’t use any copyrighted music in your video. If you just want Background Music you can go to YouTube Audio Library and can get some BGM there.

There are some other websites also for a different purpose, I have listed them above:

Songfreedom (For some popular music)

HookSounds (For commercials)

YouTube Audio Library (For YouTubers)

Free Music Archive. (Royalty Free Music)

There is another great option- Public Domain

This is really interesting that many of the popular songs are in Public Domain, you can use these popular songs in your videos. You should check here if the songs you’re looking for are in the Public Domain or not- website link.

How do we legally use music that is already copyrighted by others?

After 2019 YouTube is making their policy more creator-friendly. To resolve the claim issue YouTube added the Post Claim Tool, now you can add or replace the song or you can trim or remove that part.

To use the Copyrighted music legally, you should have the permission of copyright holders. To use that music, you need a license of copyright holders. The License cost depends on the music you’ve chosen.

If you’ve chosen popular music, you need to get in touch with music owners and their license fee will be high, you can imagine.

But there are many music companies that make their music specifically for YouTube, you can easily get their rights from composers or some marketplace.

We’ve made a detailed video, on getting rights for a song. Read this for more information: How to get rights on copyrighted music.


Copyright laws were made for the security of creators and to give credit to artists. However, some big music companies exploit other creators by this law. That’s why there is an option for creative commons and public domains.

There is another law for the Fair use of copyrighted work. You can use any copyrighted work for Fair Use without the permission of the owner, however, certain kinds of factors also play a major role in it.

You can also apply for copyright for your work on the govt website: copyright.gov.in (For India), fees start from ₹500 – ₹5000 depended on the work.

Hope you like this informative article, comment down to give feedback or any query you have.

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