“I Don’t have the Music Sticker on Instagram” – 2 Methods to Fix


‘I don’t have the music sticker on Instagram’ is this what bothers you?

Do you want to know why is this? and how to resolve the issue. Instagram is no longer the destination to post simple pictures. Today, The app has become an editor itself, You can add dozens of effects on your videos and photos.

One such Instagram feature is a music sticker, That you can find in the sticker option. Adding the music option, Will add lyrics and music to the video or photo. It’s like an overlap of 2 effects, That looks great together.

You can share photos and add music that fits the mood of the picture. But, If you don’t have the music sticker on Instagram. You can’t do any of it. In this article, We’ll explore and try to resolve your missing Instagram music sticker feature.

Instagram’s music sticker feature is a global hit. But that does not mean it is available globally. According to information provided by Instagram, The music sticker feature is only available in 60 countries. So if you are living in countries,

In which Instagram has not launched the feature, You cannot access the music sticker feature on your device. But if you are from the 60 countries, That Includes, India, the USA, the UK, Japan, Frane and much of western Europe.

And still could not able to find the music sticker feature or it has been missing. You can reference this article, For getting the feature back. And I’m sure you query ‘i don’t have the music sticker on Instagram’ will be resolve with the following methods.

Method #1 Basic Steps

If you are not having the music sticker feature, Don’t assume that it has gone or simply not available for your device. Many times because of some bugs or issues with the app, Some features might not be visible to the users.

The Instagram server has over a billion active users data, Having some issues is not a big deal at all. For this method, We will explore some of the basic things, That we can do to resolve this issue. Afterward, we’ll move to little more tweaking method if this method does not work for you.

1. Instagram permissions

Android has stricken its policy for apps to access user device. And if they want to gain any access, They need to ask for permission.

After installing the Instagram for the first time, You may have given all the permissions. But if for any reason, Such as a third party app or anti-virus, Blocking this permission to the Instagram, This could be triggering the missing music feature.

The music that you use on Instagram, Is copyrighted and protected under the privacy law. To not get miss-use of the feature, Instagram might have blocked.

Access for devices with such hidden permission. Simply turn off your Anti-Virus or Clear data Instagram and give permission again.

2. Update or Reinstall Instagram

Update your Instagram from the App Store or Play Store. This will probably solve your problem of missing music sticker. In case, Your app is updated.

Uninstall the app and Reinstall from the store. Doing so will clear any bugs that might bothering your with the features.

Method #2 Tweaking Ways

1. Get stories from others

Find an Instagram account that has recently posted a story with a music sticker. (Ask your friend if they have one)

After they have posted the stories, Click on the music title on top of the screen. Here, You see an option to try music stickers. Click on the button, And you’ll have access to the music stickers.

2. Airplane Method

  • Create a new Instagram account and post a story with the music feature.
  • Turn on the Airplane Mode, And switch to your main Instagram account.
  • Then you can go to the stories, And click on the stickers, You’ll see the music sticker option here.
  • Just post the story on your account with a music sticker option.
  • Turn off the Airplane Mode, And you’ll see that you have the music sticker option in your account.

I hope this method resolve your query for ‘i don’t have the music sticker on Instagram’.


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