How to Share Apps via Whatsapp with data 2022

How to Send Apps on Whatsapp with data (Simple Methods)

How to share apps via Whatsapp 2022 (Updated)

Many important apps and games may get removed from Play Store and we may fail to it elsewhere all over the internet. Your friends who installed that app/ game already can be useful to you. You can share that app with ShareIt or anything. If your friends are fare away from you, then this below methods will definitely help you. Share apps through Whatsapp in simple methods.

#1. By using Third-Party apps.

If you try to send apps through, you can’t find them easily. But, after downloading some third-party apps, you can create a base type apk or back up the app which you want to share.

APK Export

Download Link: APK Export ( Backup & Share)

Step-1): First up all you can open this app and you can see all apps installed on your device.

Step-2): Then select the appropriate application that you want to share with someone via WhatsApp.

Step-3): After selecting, export that app to the file manager by clicking on the save symbol at the right end. It looks like the below.

apk export symbol

Step-4): Now, go to the Internal storage > Android > Data >com.apkexport> backup> apps. You can install these whenever you want.

Step-5): Then you can press and long hold on the APK and click on share and then click on Whatsapp.

#2. By using ES File Manager

Of course, This app is recently banned in India and no more available on Google Play Store.

However, you can download the app from other websites.

Download Link: Download ES File Manager – APK

Link-2: ES File Manager – APK Mirror – 5 MB

Steps to follow After Downloading…

Step-1): Firstly, Open the app and Open apps manager by swiping the right side to the left.

Step-2): Open app options by long-pressing the app that you want to send/share to anyone through WhatsApp.

Step-3):  Then select the backup option and back it up.

Step-4): Now, open another default file manager and search for this backed up file.

Step-5): Then Long press on the app file and select on the rename option.

Step-6): Change the extension .apk into .txt or .docxat the end of the file name.

Step-7): Change the name and again long press and click on share option.

Step-8): Select the sharing platform i.e. Whatsapp or anything.

Step-9): After sharing the file, Download the file in the received device and you can suddenly change the extension from .txt into .apk.

Step-10): Then, install the app and open it.

You can also try any other app back up applications to

#3. By using Share APK

You can share system apps with this app.

Download Share APK Link: Share APK – Google Play Store

Firstly, Download the Share application and then you can follow the below step by step procedure.

Step-1): In the same manner, You can open the app first and choose the app which you want to share.

If you want to share system apps, swipe left or click on system apps in the middle of the screen.

list of mobile smartphone applications

Step-2): Click on the app which should be shared and click on Share application (APK)option at the first.

options for share applications apk

Step-3): Select the platform of sharing through which you want to share. (Whatsapp).

After the recipient receives the app, he/she can install it directly without extracting or changing the extension. Nothing is required.

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