How to put Audio in WhatsApp status?

How to put Audio in WhatsApp status

How to Set Audio Clips for your Whatsapp Status

Do you want to share your favorite audio clip with your friends? It’s weird to share the clip with every individual. So the best option is to share it through your WhatsApp status. Now the problem is you may don’t know how to put audio in WhatsApp status. Don’t worry! We are here to discuss all the possible ways to do so.

If you tried to set an audio clip as your WhatsApp status, you must notice that WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to do the same. But it is not a hard job to fool these virtual platforms. Of course, there are thousands of methods to do it with an alternative way. Here in this article, we will talk about a few applications, using which you can share audio on your status feed.

Whatscut pro:

As a matter of fact, whatsCut pro is an android application that is designed to make an audio file as ready to share as WP status. Download the Application and follow the below steps.

Step-1) Firstly, you can open the WhatsCut Pro application on your device.

Open whatscutpro android application

Step-2) Then the application will reflect all the audio, video, and image files on your device.

shows the audios, videos and more images

Step-3) Then select the audio file you want to share (Of course, You can also record your own audio).

Select the particular audio file

Step-4) Now click on the play button that will ask you to set at the image in it.

play the selected audio using audio button

Step-5) Then you can select an image from the list and click the continue button.

select appropriate image in whats app status for audio

Step-6) Now on the below right corner, you will get a download button to get the audio clip.

Download the audio using download button or icon

Step-7) Once the file is downloaded you will get a share option followed by the file. Moreover, you can click the share icon and set the file as your WhatsApp status. (You can also share the file on your Instagram or Facebook story or any other social media platform.)

select and share the social media platforms

Other alternative android applications- Audio Status Maker, Story Beat, Story Maker, Audio Status, and story maker.

Adobe Premiere Clip:

Identically adobe clip works in the same way as Whatscut, but it is available for both android and the iOS platform. Download Adobe Clip application and follow the below steps.

Step-1) Firstly, you can launch the application on your device and open it.

Step-2) Now upload the audio file along with a picture you want to add on your status.

Step-3) Then add an image in every 10 seconds of the clip or repeat the same image three times.

Step-4) Then you can click on the Download and Share button to get the clip on your device.

Step-5) Now it is ready to share on your WhatsApp status.

The short and simplest answer to the question, how to put Audio in WhatsApp status, is giving it a format of the video clip. All the above application performs in the same algorithm. They just convert your audio file to a video clip and allow you to share it on your status.

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