How to make Whatsapp always online

How to make Whatsapp always online Android/IOS

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As a matter of fact, Whatsapp is one of the greatest instant messaging application for Android/IOS. Moreover, The millions of users are sharing their videos, pictures, text messages, location, and many more through it. It connects you with your friends and known people every way. Also, people use it for exciting online calling and video calling features.

As long as we use the application the other users find us online (if you allow). People prefer to text you or call you when you are online. So is it possible to be online 24 x 7? It sounds impossible in this busy schedule of our daily life.

But I’d like to tell you that you can do it using a few simple steps I have mentioned in this article. This amazing idea will help you to stay online all the time without looking at your phone screen.

How to be always online on WhatsApp?

Whatever phone or operating system you are using, you can keep your WhatsApp always online. Though, it is not that much necessary to be online for the whole day, but it’s quite funny. Obviously, You can have fun with your friend by being online without touching your phone. So apply the tricks to do the same-

Whatsapp always online for iPhone

If you are online on WhatsApp, unless your phone goes to sleep mode or you locks your phone manually it stays online. So here are the steps to stay always online from your iPhone-

1) Firstly, Go to phone settings option and select Display and Brightness from there.

settings display and brightness for IOS

2) Find the Auto-lock option from the list and click on it.

Auto lock option for iPhone

3) From the auto-lock, the timing option chose the None/Never.

Auto lock settings change never

4) Now open your WhatsApp with enabled mobile data.

5) Now until you press the power button you will be online on Whatsapp.

Whatsapp always online for Android

Unlike the iPhone, you can stay always online from your android device.

1) Then go to your devise default settings option and go to the settings option. From the System & Device settings choose Lock screen & Password option.

Android Settings

lock screen and password option in android

2) Now click on the Sleep option and select None from the drop-down list.

change sleep or display time never or none

3) Then your mobile will not go to sleep mode until you press the mobile lock key.

4) As the WhatsApp app is still open and your mobile is not going to sleep mode, it will show you online.

To Make Whatsapp Online using GBWhatsapp

There is another process by which you can track your friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend by staying online for 24 hours. The steps are as follows-

1) Firstly, you can download an alternative app of WhatsApp and the link of the app is

2) As you click on to the link it will open one page that will contain more than one link. You can choose the latest link.

3) Now as the app is downloaded open it and you have to make your WhatsApp account on that app.

4) As you open your WhatsApp interface in the top right corner there are three dots, you have to click on it and the first option is GB sets. Click on the GB setting option.

In GBWhatsapp profile click the GB Settings

5) Now a drop-down list will come up. Now select the OtherMODS which is the 6th number in the list.

Select the OTHER MODS option in gbwhatsapp

6) Now another drop-down list will come up. From there click on the settings option.

7) This will lead you to another screen where you have to select Enable Always Online.

enable WhatsApp always shows online

8) After this come back to the main interface of WhatsApp. In the top right corner click on the three dots.

9) Then the second option is to restart WhatsApp. Click on it. The app will restart automatically.

Restart the GBWhatsapp settings

10) Now keep in mind do not exit the app. Which means you cannot clear the app from the recent applications. Just minimize the app and keep it as it is.

11) If you want to be shown as offline just remove the app from the recent applications. Now you won’t show as online.

Now you will be seen online for 24 hours. These simple hacks will enable you to remain online when you want without being doing it. Hope this simple process helps you to keep WhatsApp always online.

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