How to Search Instagram by phone number

How to Search Instagram by Phone Number from Phonebook

Do you want to add your nearest peoples to your Instagram? So your closer peoples must-have in your phone’s contact list. So the best way to find them is – search Instagram by phone number.

Connecting with peoples around the world is the main purpose of using social media. It starts with finding the people you want to connect or the people have the interest to connect with you. The various social networks have different methods to find peoples. You can find few peoples on suggestions or the like and comment boxes under your post.

I think finding your known peoples by searching or finding them from the comment box is not enough to find each of them. So the most useful method of finding the people on Instagram is by searching them using their phone number. Though you can find them using their username, but its quite time taking and confusing job to do. Here we will discuss how you can search for Instagram by phone number. Follow the steps to connect the peoples from your contact list.

How to Search Instagram by Phone Number from Phonebook?

Method-1: Using the default discovery option

1) First up all you can open the Instagram application on your device and click on the profile icon on the bottom right corner.

start the instagram application

2) Now click the three-lined menu icon on the top right corner. Here you will find the profile options. Click on Discover people.

Instagram find and discover people option

3) Here you will be redirected to the find people Go to the contact section to find peoples from your contact. Click on the Connect contacts option.

Find peoples to follow on Instagram

4) If you previously not synced your contact with Instagram then here Instagram will ask permission to access your contact list. Click on the Allow option.

Allow Instagram access your contacts permission

5) Once you allowed Instagram to access your contact list, it will fetch all the Insta users from your contact list and show in your contacts section of Instagram. If any then you can follow them by clicking the follow button right there.

Find peoples on Instagram

Method-2: Allow Instagram to find all your known

1) Firstly, Open the Instagram application and go to the profile option.

Instagram Profile section

2) Click on the menu icon and click on the settings icon at the bottom of your options section.

Instagram Settings icon

3) From the settings page click on the Follow and invite friends options.

Follow and Invite friends option for Instagram

4) On the next page, you will get the option to follow the existing friend and invite others to join Instagram. Click on follow contacts.

follow contacts on Instagram account

5) Now you don’t need to search your friends from contact manually you will receive a notification when someone of your contact newly joins Instagram.

Here I have discussed two possible methods for Search Instagram by phone number. Both of them work and can fetch the people from your contact. It will help you to stay connected with your community.

In the 2nd method, you need not to search your contacts manually once someone from your contact joins Instagram using his phone number, you will receive a notification or suggestion to follow the user. But if you are trying to find an individual from your contact list, you can go with the first method.

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