How to know if someone checked your WhatsApp profile

How to know if someone checked your WhatsApp profile

Whatsapp is one of the most used messaging apps on this planet. With that many users on the application; It’s natural that people have many questions about the app itself. One such question people have is ‘how to know if someone checked your WhatsApp profile. A lot of people have their privacy issues, And they do not want some strange to stalk on their profile. If you are one of those cautions crowd, Then this article will help your in clearing many doubts of your. From privacy to a little about how Whatsapp works behind the wall.

Two of the most common ways to know; if someone checked your WhatsApp profile.

1) Typing notification on the profile bar.

If you see someone is typing on their profile bar. Then that means they are looking into your profile. Because many times when people are seeing someone’s profile. They mistakenly click on the keyboard. And because WhatsApp works in real-time. You are able to identify if they are seeing your profile or not.

2) Missed call

This is again a common mistake people make; When they are sneaking into the profile. While clicking on the profile they click on the call button. If you see random call; Without any reason then understand that the person was stalking on your profile. These are the only two factors that could tell you if someone checked your WhatsApp profile.

Third-Party Apps

WhatsApp is a big market; So there are a number of people; Who want to leverage its popularity. If you go to play store or app store; Or even download an app through a third-party website. Like ‘Whatsapp Tracker‘ ‘Track Whatsapp‘, These all apps are completely fake. They do not work, As they promise in their description. These apps will tell you that they can track and tell if someone checked your WhatsApp profile, But its completely bogus.

Most of the apps are just dummy; And provide no use other than eating your space and serving you ads. If you are in a misconception; That a company big like Whatsapp; Could be manipulated with some random apps then you need to revise onto that idea.

There is no way to know if someone checked your WhatsApp profile; Because Whatsapp doesn’t work on API. API is a type of technology that communicates with the app through the server. Whatsapp works on a technology called an end to end encryption.

This means; Whatsapp rely upon your mobile local server to send and store data. For that reason, If someone sees your profile; The activity stays on their phone only and not leave unless they send a message or mistakenly miss call you. But do not worry if that upsetting for you, Because we can set up our own privacy; So people whom we know can only see our profile. You could even set your profile privacy to none; That will block everyone to see your profile info.

Note: This will not block you and them from sending or receiving messages. If you want you can do that too, In the Whatsapp settings.

For Changing Privacy Setting:

Step 1) Visit the Setting of your Whatsapp app.

Step 2) Go to the account -> Privacy

Step 3) Change the settings to, Who can See Your Profile Info. (Your Contacts, Everyone, No One).

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