Free calls online without registration

Free calls online without registration

Free calls online without registration can be sometimes lifesaving. Not just from biological life, But also in general. There are many times when we need to call someone, But our mobile phone does not have a network, Or the battery is dead. Now we are not going to buy a completely new phone for the sake of making a call. Or maybe you want to make calls to international numbers. Maybe a subscription of your products, Has its headquarters in some foreign land. Making a call from your local number to international can cost you a fortune. An excellent alternate to this problem would be this website that provides free calls online without registration.

How the heck does online calls work?

It may come to surprise to many that we could make a traditional call, Through the Internet. Because a lot of time our knowledge about telecom is limited to mobile towers and sim cards. But there is more to it; VOIP. (voice over internet protocol) is a modern technology to transmit data through the internet. Let me simplify for you; When you speak on the online call your voice gets converted from analog to digital. And once anything is digital It could be transferred easily. And that’s what happens; A third party server sends your digital data through your broadband and uses their local servers to make the call. If that’s a little confusing do not worry. Just keep in my mind, Everything works the way how traditional calls are made; But free calls online without registration websites, Let’s you use their servers to send your data (Voice).

Top 3 websites for  free calls online without registration


As a matter of fact, Ievaphone is a great website that’s let call from their website for free. It allows you to make calls to every corner of the globe. And you are not required to register on their website. All their calls are encrypted; Because they use Fash and WebRtc. You don’t need to be worry; That your calls could be listened. Moreover, Ievaphone uses quality servers so their audio quality is great. You’ll not face any difficulties whatsoever, When dealing with their website. Even if you do face it, they also provide online support and free trial for unlimited use of their product. It’s one of my best recommendations.


Of course, Globfone is not just another saas product. They are a full-fledged company that offers premium and free services to their customer. Here you can also send text messages to anyone you want; You could prank your friends and family with some fake message. Not just that, there is an app for android and ios devices; That you can download and use for free. Globfone works with an object of Free Online Phone Project; Here they have decided to provide free calls and accessibility of communication to everyone on the internet. They use technology, As many big companies use for sales and marketing.


Call2Friends is browser-based online calling websites. That you can use without registration. You can make free calls to Australia, United States, and United Kingdom from India for free. Of course, You are not required to install any plugin on your browser. And It’s especially great for mobile usage. Call2Friends works with over 15 telecom companies around the globe to provide seamless experience to their audience. Call2Friends use the Opus codec to make the audio quality sound premium. Not just that they also calibrate the bitrate to make calls very easy. Call2Friedns also have their app on Android and IOS.

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