How to check who viewed my WhatsApp profile

How to check who viewed my WhatsApp profile

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Are you eager to know who is silently visiting your WhatsApp profile?  If you searched with the query ‘how to check who viewed my WhatsApp profile?’ you are at the right place. In this article, I will show you how to do the same.

Since the messaging application, WhatsApp firstly launched it gathered millions of peoples across the globe. Once the user registers an account on WhatsApp cloud it offers them a lot of services. Here you can message someone in text or audiovisual format and you can talk to other peoples by calling them or through the video call.

Here you can share anything whatever happening in your life via WhatsApp Status and also you set a display picture for your account. Few people continuously peep your account to stock what’s going in your life. Some of them may be your well-wishers and some may not. So that will be better if you can track or monitor the peoples who are viewing your Whatsapp profile.

Is it possible how to check who viewed my WhatsApp profile and other stuffs?

The answer will be yes(probably all are fake) but by default, WhatsApp does not allow you to track who viewed your profile. There are various applications available over the internet to track the peeping persons. But none of them are as good to track it properly.

Of course, There are a lot of applications available on app stores. They all give a result list of who viewed your profile. Now the question is about the reliability of the results.

To be fair all of them are nothing but randomly picked names from your contact list. Maybe many of them never visited your profile.

How to check who is viewed/secretly watching my WhatsApp Profile?

As there is no such good application to do that job you must have to depend on WhatsApp application for that. If everyone follows you in WhatsApp he must check your status. So by the eye count on your status, you can monitor who is viewing your status.

How to check who is watching in WhatsApp profile: step by step

Here I have listed the way to track the eye count on your status to track your profile views.

Follow the steps to monitor your WhatsApp stockers-

#1.  Firstly, you can Open with WhatsApp application.

open WhatsApp application

#2.  Then Go to the status bar by hitting the status button.

#3.  Afterwards you can Hit the ‘My status’ button to view your status.

WhatsApp my status page

#4.  On your status, you will be able to find an eye icon with the number of viewed people.

WhatsApp my status icon

#5.  Then Tap on the eye icon to view the popup page with the names who viewed your status.

viewer details of who see WhatsApp status

Now you got to know how to check who viewed my WhatsApp profile. Now you can see if any trespasser is viewing your activities on WhatsApp. If you do not like anyone on the list to see your status or DP, you can just block him. If you just want to hide your status from him you can simply remove him from status privacy.

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