Temporary number for WhatsApp

Temporary number for WhatsApp

Today we’ll learn how to get a temporary number for WhatsApp. In the world OTP and SMS, It’s hard to register on any app or website without it. Let’s not go that far; Just think about WhatsApp; Even though its a great app, You are required to have one Whatsapp on a single device only. So if you want to run two or three WhatsApp you can’t do so without a new sim card. But there is a way to avoid all the trouble; We can use a temporary number for WhatsApp. No need to be worried about getting banned, Or getting spammed.

What is Virtual Number

A Virtual Number is a Ten Digit number. That offers the same feature as a traditional mobile number. But this number is non-traceable and gets protected from the company privacy policy. These numbers are mostly used by businesses. Because this number is not only chargeable incoming but also outgoing. This is because to filter spam and unwanted calls. It’s great if you are using them for just Whatsapp only. Virtual Number is like IVR only. But In here the amount for call charges is being shared by both caller and receiver.

Top 4 Websites to get a temporary number for WhatsApp

1) Zitty.com

Zitty is a very professional website offering web-based communication services. You can purchase a  temporary number for WhatsApp from here, And use it as you wish. After a month if you don’t want to continue then just drop the number. It’s like use and throws services. Most of the number is rotated means they are free to use in all country.

2) Exotel.com

Exotel is a Cloud Communication service. They use APIs to make calls and provide their service in the same technology. Exotel is an enterprise solution software, But don’t look the half picture. Being such a big company they offer many services that are extremely cheap, In the case of using Whastapp, Virtually no cost.

3) Avoxi.com

Avoxi is serving its customers globally. They are well known for their amazing customer supports. You’ll love this website; Because there are no setup fees or minimum contracts That means you are not required to pay any useless amount for acquiring a personal virtual number.

4) Receivesms.co

If there is a simple solution to the above problem; This website can solve it instantly. After Visiting the website, You just need to choose the country you are looking to get the number. Enter the number to Whatsapp; Wait for about 1 minute, Voila. You have your very own Whatsapp Number.

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