Clear search history google maps

How to clear search history on google maps

You need to be familiar with the settings of the application to clear search history google maps. The search history can be deleted on computers, mobile devices, iPhones, etc.  This article will give you a deeper insight into the clearing/remove google map history.

If you have decided to get rid of your stored data in google map all you need to do is to clear the history. You have to get a basic idea about the app.  Here is how you can get rid of the stored data of google map in various platforms.

How to Clear Search History on google maps for Desktop Computer/laptop?

Step-1: The first step is you need to visit the google map website( in your MacBook/PC/Tablet/Laptop.

Step2: On the top left corner of the application interface you will get three lines that will take you to the Menu.

Step-3: Now scroll down to the “Your data in Maps” option.

Your data in maps option

Step-4: Then you will get the “See and delete option” under the Location history. You can click on it.

Step-5: Now you will able to see a red box in the bottom-left of your page. It shows the number of places you have visited. Suppose I visited 10 places then, it will show as “10 Places”.

Find the visited places on google maps

Step-6: Now click on the trash can icon to delete the history from your timeline.

Delete the history timeline in google maps

How to Clear Search History on google maps on Mobile Phones?

Step-1: Firstly, you need to open the Google map application on your appropriate mobile phone (Android or iPhone).

Google Maps Logo

Step-2: On the top left corner you will get three stacked lines, then click on it. From the drop-down list select the Settings option.

Settings in google maps

Step-3: In the next step select the Map history option.

Maps History option

Step-4: On the top right corner you will get three dotted lines, click on it and select “Delete activity by”.

Delete activity by option

Step-5: If you want to delete it by date, then select a date range. However, you can select “All time” to delete al history.

Step-6: Now to delete everything you need to click on the Delete option.

Clear search history google maps automatically

You do not have to clear the Google map history manually every time. You can change the settings of the app, and it will automatically clear the history on a daily basis. To do so you will have to follow the following steps.

Step-1: First up all, you can open the Google map application, Click on the Menu, and select Settings.

Step-2: Now go to Map history-> Menu->Choose to delete automatically.

Choose to delete automatically option

Step-3: Now it gives you the option of saving the history within 3 months to 18 months. Now tap next.

Auto delete activity

Step-4: Now the history which is not in the time span you have selected will get deleted on a regular basis.

Clear search history google maps by CCleaner

If you are a Windows user, you can easily clear the cache from the computer history. As a matter of fact, The CCleaner is also available in the android version. The application takes lesser space and works efficiently in deleting your google map search history. It is available for free which you can download. The application has a clear analysis and clearing feature with which you can choose and clear the history in Google Maps. I want to clear an item, tap on the item for scanning. The app cache will be scanned first and will get deleted.

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