How to Track a Lost Android Phone Using an IMEI Number?

How to Track a Lost Android Phone Using an IMEI Number

How to Track a Lost Android Phone Using an IMEI Number – You can find your lost phone using an IMEI number, if you don’t have an IMEI, don’t worry we’ll help you here. In this article, you’ll know, how to track your android phone with the help of an IMEI.

Do you also have lost your phone and you’re searching it through the Sahara Desert (like this guy in the image), just kidding this informative blog will help you to track your lost android phone using an IMEI number.

The IMEI is the full form of “International Mobile Equipment Identity“. It generally contains the 15-digit unique number on every phone.

Every device which has the ability to connect with the network has this unique number, be it a Mobile Phone, Tablet, or your Dongle.

This unique number can help you to find your lost Android phone. In this Errorexpress article, we’re going to tell how can you track lost android phones using IMEI Number also another method to find your android phone.

How Can I Find IMEI Number of Lost Android Phone?

The technician tells us to the keep bill of your mobile phone and notes down your IMEI number so that it would be helpful when you lost your phone.

Dial pad type *#06#

When your phone is with you, you can simply find its IMEI Number,  Just dial ‘*#06#’ on your android mobile phone’s dial pad, then it will show the corresponding IMEI number. (If you have 2 SIM it will show the 2 separate IMEI numbers on your mobile).

But is there any other working method that can able to find the IMEI Number of your lost mobile phone? Yesit is.

You’ve to login into, then you’ve to click the arrow next to android. Just there you’ll see all logged-in devices with this Google Account.

Track Your Lost/Stolen Android Phone with IMEI Number

So, now that you’ve found your IMEI number how can you get your lost phone using it?

So, you’ve to go to Police Station and you’ve to launch FIR there, by giving them your IMEI Number. and some mobile-related information you can launch FIR.

Then, if there has a network, your phone can be easily tracked. There isn’t a need for data, as if you’ll use Google Find My Device, your phone should be online while using Google’s feature.

If your phone is stolen, the police will inform the cybercrime department. And they will help you track down the IMEI number. Because if thief inserted his sim card police can easily track them and arrest them. But if your phone isn’t stealing it just gets lost and no one finds it, then the police can only track your IMEI number until your phone has battery life.

Use ‘Google Find My Device’ that helps to easily  Track Your Device

Google Find My Device

Going to cops is an extreme step, you can get your phone back by using ‘Google Find My Device’.

Although if you have a feature phone, it can’t be tracked by you’ve to launch FIR. But if you’re carrying a smartphone, you’ve to go to on your friend’s mobile or on any PC.

See in the image you can ring it, unlock it, and know it’s the last location when it was online. If you’re trying to make a call to your phone, but last time you put it in silent mode then you can ring it using this. The phone will ring at its full volume.

Or you can lock your device using this and leave a message like this:

“Hey, this mobile phone is lost/stolen. If you’ve found it, please contact me at <Mobile number>.”

If some nice people have got it, then you’ll get it! we also hope that.

Pro Tips

1) When you leave a message for that person, you can also mention that you’ll give rewards to that person who finds it and give it.

Tip 1 to Track a Lost Android Phone Using an IMEI Number

2) While Travelling turn your mobile data and GPS Service, it can surely help you in finding your phone.

3) IMEI Number is also available at the bill, your mobile box, do check them.

4) When you’re at a crowded place, don’t put your phone in your back pocket as it can be easily stolen.

We hope you find this article helpful. If you’re an iPhone user and reading this, we should tell you these methods also work for iPhone. But in a different way because of the changes in an operating system. By the time share this article with android users!.

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