How to Remove Write Protection on Micro SD Card

How to Remove Write Protection on Micro SD Card

Are you trying to transfer file from your SD card or format it? Oh! You failed? Actually Is it protected with the write protection and you have facing trouble? You really wonder how to remove write protection on your personal micro SD card? Follow this article to know the exact way to solve it.

In this era of modern technology we are surrounded with tiny advance devices. There is handful of devices where we need to store data. When we talk about data storage devices the first gadget comes in our mind are SD card or USB drives (Pen-drive, Hard-disk, etc.). In order to using those SD or Micro SD cards, the situation comes where we wail to perform read or write operation on it because of Write protection.

How to remove write protection on micro SD card?

Don’t worry! Removing the write protection from the SD card is not a matter of headache. We will show you some quick steps to get rid of it. May be every single step will not work, in that case jump to the next. Write protection can be seeded in different ways so try every possible way until it’s unlocked.

Hack 1: Scan your card  

Before you go for any advance operation go for some basics. Scan your Micro SD Card with any virus scanner tool. If it’s a virus related issue than an antivirus tool can easily solve the Write protection. Once write protection is removed user can read or write the data’s without any bound.

Hack 2: Shift the lock button (not applicable for Micro SD Card)

If you are using a SD card that not allowing you to make any changes in it. Search your card physically; if there is any lock button shift that to opposite side.

Shift the lock button

Hack 3: Registry editor

If the first two steps was not helpful to you go for some advance tricks. Edit the registry of the system. For doing so follow the listed steps.

1) Firstly, you can go to “Start search bar”.

start the search bar

2) Search for “Registry editor” and then click open icon.

registry editor

3) Then you need to edit the Write- protection value. For doing so follow the navigated address.

Hkey-Local-Machine > System > Current control set > Control > StorageDevicePolicies.

open storage device policies

If any of the key is not available you can create it from new key.

create new key in registry editor

4) Now give a double tap on the ‘Write protection’ option and set the value as “0”.

set write protection option value

Once you edited the value as ‘0’ your SD card is no longer secured with Write protection. You are free to make the necessary changes.

Hack 4: Remove ‘Read Only’ from command prompt

The situation comes if the micro SD card was set as read only attribute. You have to use some simple commands to fix this. For doing so follow the listed steps.

1) Then Press ‘Win + R’ at a same time. The function runner page will appear in front of you. Type “diskpart” and click Ok.

diskpart in run command

2) Now the Command prompt is opened with the first operation name called diskpart.

diskpart in command prompt

3) Give the next command as ‘list disk’ and hit the enter.

liskdisk in command prompt

4) Now find your disk depending the disk size or name. ( for example Disk 0)

5) Give the next command as ‘Select disk 0’.

select the disk 0 in command prompt

6) Once disk is selected go for the next command ‘attributes disk clear readonly’.

attribute diskclar readonly command

7) Once you hit the enter, the Read only attribute is removed from your card.

8) For better result format your SD card for once. ( if there is no needy files)

Hack 5: Format the Micro SD card

 This is the simplest way among all. Sometime it works without performing the 4th step. For doing so-

1) Connect the Micro SD card with your computer using a supportive device.

2) Then Go to ‘This PC’ to find your connected storage.

3) Once you got it right click on it and select format option.

4) Now choose the Device Default option.

5) Now click the Start button and say OK to the warning popups.

format disk dialog box

6) After few seconds of processing time the formatting process will start. When its completed then your Micro SD card is no longer protected with Write protection.


There are few online and offline applications available over the internet. You can download and apply them to do the same. Some of them really works and helps you to removing the lock. This type of applications may harm your device sometime or can disrupt the internal settings of the device.

What is Write protection and why we need this?

If you are using a smartphone or a media supporting phone or other media devices then giving a brief on SD card will be a foolish job. So let me do some formality. Memory Cards are used for storing the files (It can be in any format) and we perform some basic operations like transferring, copying or rewriting the files for doing so. As you are storing the data’s in it you also need to secure your data’s too.

A Micro SD card with write protection is nothing but a locked SD. It protects your data’s inside it by preventing them to be transferred, copied, or rewritten by other device. It also does not allow deleting or formatting the data’s. Simply you can say it’s the process to freeze your data securely where other users cannot perform any operation. This kind of memory cards are mainly used for official documents, company files, and study materials etc. it helps the user to prevent the data from being mishandled.

Do you not liking Write-Protection?

A large number of users who really like and support this as they find it secure in term of their data security. It protects your data from being leaked but handfuls of people are not so happy with it. May be you are also one of them because sometime these protected cards can make you fall in a trouble.


At finally These are the some of the simplest and useful methods of How to remove write protection on your mobile or other devices micro SD card. To perform these easy hacks you do not need to have any technical knowledge. So removing Write protection from SD card is no longer a hard task for you.

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