How To Level Up in Demon Souls (PS5)?

How To Level Up in Demon Souls (PS5)?

We enjoy games when we are leveling up in it, no matter how your favorite that game is, if you are stuck in it, you will leave it.

Demon Souls, is such a classic game, to keep the interest alive in the game you need to level up in Demon Souls.  

Logo of Demon's Soul
Logo of Demon’s Soul

Level up in Demon Souls isn’t so hard.

However, you need to achieve a certain point in the game, to finally level up in it.

Might, you’re trying to level up, so hard but you are trying hard in the wrong direction, which will eventually lead to stuck in it.

We will guide you through the process, and make you aware of some specific criteria’s in this cult classic game.

Which will eventually help you to level up easily in demon souls on PS5.

How To Level Up in Demon Souls [PS5]

To go ahead in a game leveling up is a crucial task.

So is in Demon Souls, leveling up will increase your overall stats in a game. It can also make it simple for you to defeat a soul title in a game.

To level you up you take their souls by killing your enemies. But first, you need to beat the first boss Phalanx, who is at Boletarian Palace level.

So, you need to first start out to kill the demon soul’s phalanx to move ahead in the game.

How to kill Demon Souls Phalanx –

It’s easy to kill Phalanx, as it is majorly affected by fire attacks. So, you can start spamming for attacks at Phalanx.

Now, if you have done this, then you have to make your way out to Monumental.

At Monumental, you will now just need to listen to their tale, and then the player will get a message claiming Four Sealed Archstone Have Been Unlocked’.

Now, it’s the time you can unlock your level-up ability in Demon Soul.

To unlock your ability, you have to speak with Maiden in Black.

Now, to simply level up in Demon Souls you need to bring death for the enemy as you can and then collect their souls. Now, take those souls to Maiden in Black, make sure you’ve collected a huge number of souls. By performing this you will be level up in Demon Soul.

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