How to charge laptop without charger

How to charge laptop without charger?

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Charging a laptop without a charger? Don’t worry! You don’t need to have that technical knowledge to make a new charger for the charging. Also playing with the laptop’s internal hardware can lead to some more problems.

That’s why these are the safest ways to make the laptop charged without a charger. Here is you can see the detailed information for how to charge your favorite laptop without using their original charger and all. Check it out now. Have a look at it.

1) Power banks

Picture of Laptop Power Banks

The power bank is the first way that comes to mind if you think of charging without the charger. But you might hear about the power bank for mobile phones, and rarely heard about the laptop power bank. No need for that ac adapters at all. But one thing that I know that most of us believe that laptops too can have a power bank. But will have more time to charge and have more size. Yes, the size one is correct. But nowadays the size of the power banks is decreasing from time to time, to enhance customer experience. You can run and charge the laptop with the power bank easily. Of course, you don’t need to have any sort of technical knowledge for it.

2) Universal Power Adapter

Picture of Universal Power Adapter

The universal adapter can be the best way to charge your laptop when you have several laptops. If you have laptops of different brands with different ports then no need to have a lot of chargers and remembering each charger for every port. Instead, you can have the universal adapter. It comes with a single adapter that can charge several types of laptops. It comes with different pins and plugs to set up your laptop it. Also, you can charge two to three or more than that number of laptops at once. It will be best suited for office use if you have a staff with several laptops.

3) Universal Auto/Air Adapter

Picture of Universal Auto/Air Adapter

Air adapters or universal chargers are been in fashion nowadays. The basic thing that makes them useful is that portability. You can bring this small adapter wherever you want instead of that heavy charger of the laptop. The thing that you need to do it that you should customize the wires and plug-ins according to your laptop. This means if you have a C port charging then you should have the USB C port plug-in wire or something that can connect to the laptop. On the other side the adapter will get attached with it, no matter whether it is a USB type C Port or of any type, it connects with all types of plug wires. You can plug that adapter into the car and start driving. As soon as you reach your destination, your laptop will get charged completely. Isn’t it better?

4) External Laptop Battery Charger

Picture of External laptop Battery Larger

If you have a laptop with a battery that you can pick out then it’s for you. No matter whether you have a broken charger wire or any other problem with the chargers, you are going to help with this external laptop battery charger. External battery chargers mean they charge your laptop’s battery. So, you don’t need to plug it into the laptop, and no issue with the type of ports. Another advantage is that they can charge your battery faster. This is a good idea, and you can do one more thing that you can have two laptop batteries if you are going on the long way, and charge them both. Once a battery finished then attach it to the charger and insert another charged battery into your laptop. This will save time.

5) Super Batteries

Super batteries can be useful to you if you are having no problem with the third method. This means this is also a battery but it has superpowers. It can long last, have extra performance, and also can have a slow discharging rate. The battery voltage is obviously more. The main thing is that it should be fitted into your device. If it does then it can be great to use. You can use external chargers to charge it fast and then attach it to the laptop. It can be used for several hours if you use it properly.


For now, from all the above observations, the power bank is the safest, easiest, and best way to charge the laptop without a charger. Also, you can carry it everywhere. Also, other methods are great too. These are some of the best and possible ways to charge your laptop anywhere without worry about your charger so far.

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