How to Save TikTok Videos Without Watermark Effects?

Here are the two best ways to Complete Download your favorite TikTok videos without any watermark. Check it out.

Save TikTok without watermark with the website:-

1) First of all, you have to open the TikTok video app from the play store or app store. Then, you can select your desired download video here.

2) After that click on the share button, and then select the copy the link Then the video link will be copied.

3) After that go to the browser whatever you use. Open the browser and then go to the search bar in it. Now enter the word ssstiktok. Then the results will come on the page and click on the first result.

4) Now the home page of ssstiktok will open in front of you. Paste the link you copied, into the text field present there. After that click on the download button. It will take some time to analyze the URL and its source.

5) Then you will see 3 options. From those options, you can choose the “without watermark” option here. Then the video will be saved to the web browser downloads folders immediately.

6) If you are using this iPhone, then there is one more step to follow here. After downloading the video for your iPhone where you can preview the video screen, press the share icon, and choose “Save video” option.

Save the TikTok without watermark with no app

1) In the same manner, open your TikTok application for your smartphone first. Then, you can select your desired download video here.

2) Afterwards, you can click the share button, and then select the live photo button.

3) You can Tap on the button, and then the appropriate TikTok video will be saved as a live photo on your iPhone so far. For Next, you can open the Photos app on your phone. Then you can select the media Types option. And then select the Live Photos.

4) After selecting the live photo then you can just press the share button underneath the lower left side of the mobile screen. Next, continuously scroll down on the screen and then click on the “Save as Video” option.

5) Go back to the Videos. Then you will have the video there. The video will be without a watermark.

Note:- this method doesn’t remove the TikTok watermark, only removes the original creator’s ID. For that, you can use the first method.

That was how to save the TikTok video without/remove the watermark. Of course, you can follow the above-mentioned steps that help to remove the watermark so easily. Hope you found it helpful. Stay tuned for the amazing tips and tricks.

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