How To Follow All Your Instagram Followers On Threads?

How To Follow All Your Instagram Followers On Threads

Threads is a new app that Instagram has launched. It is a messaging app. And if you are familiar with Twitter then the main feature is almost similar. But the major difference is that you can access threads with your Instagram account. So here is how to follow all your Instagram followers on threads. The thread received over 10 million registrations within a few hours of launch.

So most of your friends are expected to be on this platform. And you can follow them on threads. But following one by one can be tough and time-consuming. So there is a way to follow all these in a single click. Here is more information about this topic.

Basics About Threads

Before going into any process, you should understand the basics of threads. It is a place where you can post your thoughts and connect with your friends through messages. You can update your threads daily as well.

You can follow your friends and see their thoughts daily. Also, you can contact them via messages and can do a long conversation without any distractions. Unlike Instagram threads do not have much distraction.

Steps For How To Follow All Your Instagram Followers On Threads

Here are the steps that you have to follow to do this process. Make sure that you do the exact as it is said. And your work of following all Instagram friends on threads will be done in no time.

  1. First of all, You need to create a thread account. If you already have one then log into your account by using the right credentials. Login Instagram thread account
  2. Then, Go to your profile by clicking the profile icon present in the lower right corner. Thread profile icon
  3. Here you have to click on the world icon which is present in the top left corner of the page. Thread world icon
  4. Now all you need to do is just tap on the option saying “Follow and invite friends”. Follow and invite friends option on Instagram thread
  5. Here click on the “Instagram friends” option. Instagram friends option
  6. And you will see all the friends that are on your Instagram that you are not following.
  7. On this page at the bottom, you will see an option saying “Follow all”. Tap on that option.
  8. Then a small confirmation popup will appear here. Simply Tap “Confirm” and proceed further. Instagram follow all friends confirmation
  9. Your work is done! All you need to do is wait for some time until your following request is done by the Instagram system. Wait for thread followers updating on Instagram database
  10. That’s it! You have successfully followed all those persons on threads in just one click.

Advantages Of Using Threads

Here is the list of advantages that you will get when using threads. And by following all Instagram friends on threads. This will make you follow your friend’s threads more. 

  1. Intimate Communication: Threads allow for more focused and private conversations with your close friends, without the distractions of a large following.
  2. Instant Sharing: You can quickly share photos, videos, and updates with your close friends through the app.
  3. Status Updates: Threads also let you set a status to keep your close friends updated on what you’re doing at any given moment.
  4. Notifications: You can enable notifications for your close friends, so you won’t miss out on important updates from them.
  5. Privacy Control: Threads gives you control over who you share with and who can see your status updates.


In Conclusion, Here is how to follow all your Instagram followers on threads. It is a very easy process if you have threads and an Instagram account then you can do this in no time. This process will save you time.

Because following one by one can take a lot of time. This guide will help you in all the steps. Also, threads are new so there are not many distractions and all.

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