How To Appear Offline On Instagram {A Guide}

How To Appear Offline On Instagram {A Guide}

People are very active on Instagram these days. Because there is so much to explore on Instagram. But no one likes to admit their Instagram screen time. And at the same time, no one likes that everyone notices them to be online. So here is the guide on how to appear offline on Instagram. It is a very easy process. And there are plenty of ways to do this.

This will help you to avoid any random conversation and also help you to secure your privacy. The reason to appear offline on any social media account can have different reasons for different people.

A Common Reason To Appear Offline On Instagram

The reason can vary from person to person but there is some common reason for this. 

  1. The main reason is for the privacy of an individual. Showing the time of coming and going offline can pose a threat to privacy.
  2. If you want to avoid some then you will like this feature.
  3. Hiding the time using social media will need this feature to activate your Instagram account

Tips For How To Appear Offline On Instagram

Here are some tips that you can use to appear offline. These tips are helpful in lots of different ways. So if you want to hide the activity of your account. Then you have to follow all of these.

#1. Use Instagram on the Web

Another way to discreetly use Instagram without appearing online is to access it through a web browser.

Here’s how:

  1. Firstly, Open your web browser.
  2. Then, You can go to and log in with your credentials.
  3. You can now browse Instagram without the app, and your activity status will not be visible to others.

This method allows you to access Instagram’s main features while staying “offline” on the mobile app.

#2. Use Third-Party Apps

While not officially recommended by Instagram, there are third-party apps and tools available that claim to help you appear offline on the platform.

However, exercise caution when using these tools, as they may pose security risks or violate Instagram’s terms of service. Always research and use such tools at your discretion.

#3. Turn Off the Activity Status

Instagram allows you to permanently hide the activity status. For this, you have to turn off this feature. And after this, no one will be able to see you online. You can use this feature to hide your online status permanently. 

Benefits Of Turning Off Activity Status

If you choose to turn the activity status then there are lots of benefits for this. First of all, you do not have to log in to the account on any web and you will be able to use your Instagram count as much as you want. Also, you can turn this feature on at any time. This will allow you to have full control of your Instagram profile.

You can change the settings. And the turning on and off process is very easy. So it’s hassle-free work as well. Also using Instagram on the web can create serious privacy threats. 


In Conclusion, Here is how to appear offline on Instagram. Here is the guide for you to hide your activity status. You will appear offline if you use all these things. And for the best experience try all these things. However, turning the activity status off is the safest option for this.

Remember your activity status is seen in the message section. So if you are using the news feed, still you will appear online in that section. Some people get confused about this. And think that if they will use the message section only then they will appear online. 

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