How to follow someone on Instagram without them knowing

In this article, We’ll learn how to follow some people’s profile on Instagram without their knowledge. There are several occasions in which we want to look into someone’s Instagram account without them knowing. For example; Someone you know but don’t want to make them know that you are following them. Or you just want to see people and don’t want them to connect with you in your account. Whatever your reasons are, I’ll share with you in a simple way to follow someone anonymously.

Instagram is a very popular social media account. And it mostly accounts for many people as a personal means of sharing information. For this reason, If you are following someone on Instagram they are also obliged to follow you back. Holding onto their follow request can send a bad message to the other person. It is no brainier that we don’t want them to know our existence on the app itself.

Before we start with this article. We need to understand whether your Instagram account is Private or Public. Because we will use different approaches for different methods. So that you can achieve to learn how to follow/friend someone on Instagram without them knowing on any Instagram account.

How to follow Public Accounts Anonymously?

1) Direct Search

If your following account is a public account. Then you don’t actually have to do much. Just search their username on Instagram and look for their Instagram Photos. Of course, you don’t have to type the username every time you want to look into the account. Because Instagram saves your search history so whenever you click on the search icon. You’ll see their name and you can instantly visit their profile. But with this, there is a small problem. You may accidentally click like or follow on their account. And this can be very embarrassing.

Because the other person will think that you are stalking on their account. And this is the last thing you want. For this reason, I advise you to create a demo account and look for the other person’s account from it. Even if you accidentally click like or follow. They will never know who the person really was. Unless you are naive enough to set your own photo as DP on the Demo account. (Don’t Do It)

2) Instasnoop

The above method works just fine. But the task of changing accounts then searching for the Instagram id. It can be a very dreadful and tedious experience. For that reason, You can use something called Instasnoop. Moreover, It’s an application that lets you follow any bodies on Instagram without people knowing. Actually you can set a list of people that you want to follow anonymously. And also this app doesn’t require any signup. Just install the app on your device, search for the people you are looking to follow. Add them to your list. And you are good to go with them.

How to follow Private Account Anonymously?

The above methods work just fine with the public account. But with the private account being in a place we need to make some more efforts. These methods need a different approach and a little more effort than the previous public account.

Creating fake profiles

Step 1: Create A New Instagram Account

We need to create a fake account in order to get access to a private Instagram id. You can create an account with the familiar name of the person the other party may know. Maybe an Old Friend, Peer, etc. Someone the other person might recognize or recall the meeting. This increases the chances of them approving your following request. If you do not want to do that just create a fake account with some fake picture. And send requests through that account.

Step 2: Follow The Person

Once, You have created a fake profile. Now the time is to ask them to accept your Instagram request. They might not accept your request instantly, And you may even have to send them multiple follow requests. Whatever it is just keep sending them to follow requests. Another good advice would be to follow people the other party’s may be following. When they will see you are following their mutual friends. They might accept your follow request. And once they do just unfollow the rest of them.

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