How To Get Famous On Instagram? It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

How To Get Famous On Instagram: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

In this article, We’ll explore how to get famous on Instagram. Rather than giving you generic tips on Instagram, I’ll choose a different approach. An unconventional approach to say, Make you realize you can become famous nonetheless on the platform. I’ll be giving you great insight into the psychology of people following others.

The Modern Rules Of How To Get Popular On Instagram Quick Period Of Time?

Tips with a more broad perspective to gain followers, and more importantly, the article will make you make aware of gaining followers and that you can use these techniques on any different platform and achieve similar results. Let’s start this article on how to getting popular on Instagram social media platform.

Difference Between Famous People & Instagram

Difference between famous peoples and Instagram

The highest follower Instagram individual to my understanding is right now Christino Ronaldo. He has over 100 million followers, Thinks of the number, and again, and breathes with it for a minute. The amount exceeds many big nations’ populations including that of the united kingdom, Russia, and even his own country Portugal.

But is he famous because he has a hundred million followers, Or he has followers because of his football skills? Here is the catch, People don’t gain followers because they are posting some outstanding content. They get attention because they are popular apart from the platform. Now you must understand what is the value that you’ll provide and what you will bring people to your page. And assuming you are not a world-renowned footballer, You have to rely on different techniques to gain followers.

1) Value Addition

Let’s continue with our first lesson value addition. I told your earlier people won’t flock to your Instagram unless you already have a brand of yourself. And if you don’t, You have to provide your users with value. The value could be anything, But it has to be important to your users. Of course, here you can create reels, attractive posts, different kind of videos, and to do for other media activities to promote your value.

Don’t see value as a solely intellectual word, Value doesn’t mean you have to provide your users with formulas with their next maths test. It means that you are adding something to their life, It can be anything Laugh, Curiosity, Introspection, Learning, anything. Just make sure you are not just copying people’s content and sharing that with your followers. This can work for some time, But will make you irrelevant in the long term.

2) Choosing Niche

Choosing Niche

After you understand the importance of Value. Learn the importance of niche. Think of this as if you went to a you tube channel, And you are seeing videos of funny cats, but the same channel has videos of planes, English grammar, car repair, and a gazillion other topics. You would probably not subscribe to the channel.

Even though you love the videos of cats, The other videos created a great resistance to subscribe to the channel. Now put this same example into the context of your Instagram account, If you post a whole lot of different topics in the same account. People will choose not to follow you. A great example of this is journalists, If you see their followers they are in millions, But their likes and engagements are in just hundreds. Because they post whole world topics.

3) Curating Media

Make your Instagram your best work compartment. It is very interesting to post many media when you are receiving a lot of engagement. But it is bad to get into the number games. Don’t post because the users want, Post because you want. Ask yourself this question, Will I regret posting this media after 30 days, And if the answer is Yes, Don’t post. Let the media sit around for some time. And if you want you can share it through temporary media sharing features like stories.

4) Collaborations

Collaborations are key to success in Instagram. If you ever have followed some meme accounts. You would have noticed a strategy that they use. They do a whole lot of cross-promotion on their pages. And this is beneficial to all of them. Because people who watch funny content needs more funny content, And they won’t hesitate to even follow a thousand meme pages.

You can use the same technique and reach out to pages that are similar to you; And ask them to promote your page and you do vice-versa. If you want to make it more interesting, You can give coupon codes to some people through giveaways.

5) Hijacking Trends

This is a good type of hijacking here, You can have several followers. It works like this whenever some festival, event, or trending topic comes, create associative content with the trend. For example, You create designer cake videos, You can use the keyword of Christmas to hijack the trend and create a cake of Santa Claus. This example is a very simple one, You can get creative and make good use of the hijacking trend. Companies hire social media geeks who are good at finding these trends and create associate content for the same.

6) Experimenting

Don’t get stuck with your style, Keep innovating and changing yourself. This means, Work hard, Don’t repeat the template for your earlier post for all your media. Having familiarity is a good thing, People can expect a certain level of content. But when familiarity becomes monotonous this becomes a big problem. Because this is the stage your loyal followers start to get away from your Instagram page. Remember a good Instagram page not only attracts new followers but also retains the one it already holds.

7) Increase Engagement

Increase Engagements

You should ask your followers to engage in your content. Make it obvious to them to engage with your conversation. Like if you create a cake that looks like it was made for King Henry, Ask your followers about the review in the comments. The more people will engage with your content the more discoverable your page will become. Use relevant keywords to your niche in every post, for Example, Cake, Parkour, Dance. Make sure you also reply to their comments and do live interaction with your followers.

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