How to Bypass Administrator on School Chromebook (2 Easy Steps)

how to bypass administrator on school chromebook

Unless you are an administrator, you can’t fully control your Chromebook. For this, you need to bypass the administrator on Chromebook.

To bypass Chromebook, you have to first remove the administrator by going to developer mode. Next, you have to power wash (reset) your Chromebook. Then, just boot the device to default mode, that’s how you can bypass the administrator.

However, there is one condition, the above method will only work if developer mode is not blocked on your Chrome.

The previous administrator can block developer mode to avoid bypassing Chromebook. However, we can still bypass it, read the article to know more.

How to Bypass Administrator Password on School Chromebook – 2 Steps

Either you can ask password for the administrator but if he is unreachable, then you can bypass the administrator using the below method.

Step-1: Power Wash Chromebook

1) First of all, log in with a Google account on your Chromebook.

2) Go to Settings.

3) Then, Scroll down and tap on Advance Settings.

4) Now, scroll down till Power Wash.

5) Tap on Powerwash > Restart > Powerwash > Continue.

Warning: This will completely reset your Chromebook’s settings and delete all the data stored on your Chromebook. So, don’t perform this method if you have important files on your laptop or if you don’t have a backup.

Step-2: Setup your Chromebook

1) After resetting your Chromebook, it will take some time to get ON.

2) Then, you have to set up your Chromebook once again.

3) Set your language and connect to a WiFi network.

4) Now, you can set yourself as an Administrator..

That’s how you can bypass the administrator password in the school Chromebook. Now, if your administrator has blocked developer mode on your Chrome and it says – Developer mode is blocked, then you can follow the advanced method below.

Advance Method: How to Bypass Administrator Password

Read Warning – Using this method will void your Chromebook’s warranty, and if not performed correctly, it can also damage the motherboard.

Proven Steps – 

1) To begin with, you can simply need to turn off your Chromebook.

2) And Unscrew the back of the Chromebook.

3) Safely remove its battery.

4) Then, you can press the power button for 30 seconds.

By doing this you can bypass the administrator block of your device.

5) Insert the battery.

6) Screw the back of your Chromebook.

7) Turn ON your Chromebook

What to Do If You Can’t Bypass After Resetting Your Chromebook Also

If your school or business has enrolled your Chromebook to Google Admin, then you can’t bypass the administrator.

1) Because Google Admin uses your Chromebook’s serial ID to register you to school or business Chromebook.

2) If your School or Business IT Team is using Google Admin, then they can only unenroll your Chromebook from your system.

3) After resetting your Chromebook also, you’ll get re-enrolled once you are connected to the Internet.

So, If your School’s IT team is using Google Admin there is no option for you to bypass their password. Until they un-enrolled you from their system.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Bypass Google Admin?

Google admin uses your Laptop’s serial number to get enrolled you in a School or Business organization. So, even if you have reset your device, you will automatically get enrolled in the organization. This only happens, once you connect your device to the Internet.

Only your organization’s IT team can help you in un-enrolling your Chromebook.

2. How to Remove School Administrator from My Chromebook?

i) First of all, log out from your Chromebook.

ii) Then, go to Settings.

iii) Tap on the Manage Other User.

iv) Click on the name of the administrator.

v) Tap on Remove.

So, that’s how you can remove school administrators from Chromebook.

3. Do School Administrators Get Notified I Removed Them From School Chromebook

It depends on the School IT Team, if they have installed activity monitoring extensions and software, then they can see there is no activity. Since you have removed them.

However, most likely they have taken permission from your parents, so you can ask them.

Many school administrators don’t install such software, probably they won’t know you have removed them from the administration. But I suggest you should be more focussed on your studies rather than doing such things, and see what is beneficial for you in the long term.

That’s it for today’s article, I hope you find how to bypass the administrator on the school Chromebook and I believe this one was worth your time!

Thanks for reading!

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