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Dropped My Laptop How Do I Backup Premiere

You were working on a project for months, and suddenly you dropped your Laptop and forgot to save your project. Then, can you expect that you will get a backup of your project?

Yes, you can get a backup if it is autosave.

But first, you need to repair your laptop if it is damaged,  If it can’t be repaired, in that case, you need to seek help from a professional.

If the laptop is on, and you can work on it, then you just need to follow the below steps, to solve this query – dropped my laptop how do I backup premiere.

How Do I Backup Premiere Pro?

As we said to get a backup of your unsaved files, the Autosave should be enabled on your laptop.

If Autosave was enabled then you can find your project in the same folder where other Premiere Pro projects are saved.

Your project will be saved in another subfolder called – Adobe Premiere Pro Autosave

  • Go to Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Then select File from the Menu Bar.
  • Tap on Open Project.
  • You will see the folder – Adobe Premiere Pro Autosave.

Adobe Premiere Autosave Files Folder

  • Tap on the folder and you will find your autosave project.

That was the only you could recover your unsaved project after dropping your laptop.

If you haven’t turned on Autosave, might be regretting your mistake, but now it prevents this situation to arrive in the future you can turn on your autosave now.

Autosave has actually defaulted – On, so you don’t have to do anything to turn it ON rather you have to visit settings to Turn it Off

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To Learn How to Turn Autosave On in Premiere Pro?

The autosave feature is useful for Premiere Pro editor, as many times we forgot to save our last file, in that situation it can be autosave.

Following are the steps to turn Autosave On –

  • Open Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Then, select Edit from Menu Bar.
  • Click on Preferences at the last.
  • Then tap on Autosave. (You’ll be redirected to the menu for autosave)
  • Make sure this Checkmark is On – Automatically Save Project.

How to enable autosave

  • Under this you have an option – Automatically save every 15 Minutes, you can reduce it down to 5 minutes if you want.

That’s how you can enable autosave and the next time, you have a backup of the premiere.

I hope this article solved your query (Dropped My Laptop How to Do I Backup Premiere)

We hope you find it relevant, thanks for reading!

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