How to turn off do not disturb on iPhone?

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In this article, We’ll learn how to turn off do not disturb on the iPhone. DND, do not disturb, is a feature that has been part of mobile phones since their mass adoption among people. There are many instances where you want your phone to be far away from you, But still near yourself. It could be an important meeting, a night out. Or just a day without buzzing.

Putting Do Not Disturb will put you out of this chaos of email, notifications, and texts. Also, Once you are done with these solitude moments, you can turn this feature off. So, your life can go as usual. iPhone has an automatic feature for enabling and disabling the DND. This article will explore methods that can quickly help you learn to put your phone in Do Not Disturb mode.

To learn how to turn off do not disturb on iPhone?

As I mentioned earlier, There are quite a few ways to put your phone on Do Not Disturb. These include the Control Center, which can be accessed from the Home Screen, disabling the mode from your settings. Or if you want this thing to be regular, you can put a Do Not Disturb Schedule.

#1. The Controls Center Way

This is the way many prefer as this is the easiest one. For this one, You have to unlock your iPhone and swipe your screen down to access the control center. For older versions of the iPhone, you have to scroll upwards. After this, You click on the half-moon icon, And that’s it.

Of course, Your iPhone do not disturb mode settings activate here. While the method is enabled, The icon would appear purple, Indicating that DND is in action. And when you tap the icon again, The icon would turn gray, indicating the DND mode is now disabled.

#2. The Settings Way

For this method, You need to open your settings application from the app menu. And scroll through the option. And click on the Do Not Disturb button. Once you do that, you will see the toggle button for enabling and disabling the Do Not Disturb option.

Although, You can use this setting for enabling and disabling the DND mode. Here, You can customize further to make your experience convenient for you. There are many options to enhance further the Do not disturb mode by allowing few calls, Scheduling, and more.

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#3. The Scheduling Way

Go to your Settings app > Do Not Disturb option, and follow there. As you can see, the Toggle option to turn On and Off the Do Not Disturb button. Beneath that, you can see the Schedules option with the same toggle button to turn on and off.

It would help if you turned the following on. Once you do, you will see a couple of options, including ‘from,’ ‘to,’ and ‘bedtime.’ The section form indicates the timeframe for you to automatically put your phone on DND mode. And remove it once it is passed.

When you enable the option for the first time, The time would be set from 10 pm to 7 am, as this is the general time for people to sleep. Of course, you can select the time that is appropriate for you.

You also can choose the Bedtime toggle, as this also works similarly. The phone lock screen gets dim when you enable the same, silencing all the calls. The notification also appears in your center only. When the schedule setting is ended, all the above settings automatically get disabled.


iPhone always allows you to choose different options apart from the Scheduling you are aware of. These include different modes like Silence, driving, etc. Exploring the silence mode has features like when you are receiving the income call. And it automatically gets silenced when your phone is locked. Of course, you can add a list of numbers as favorites important to you. There is also an emergency feature that would allow calls that keep repeating for under 3 minutes, Even if you don’t set them as favorites. After your car’s Bluetooth connects to your iPhone, the DND mode automatically starts.

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