How to know if someone’s phone is dead?

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You sometimes face issues when you try to call and directly reach Voicemail. So how can you determine if the person has blocked you or if the person’s phone is dead? Here’s everything you need to know if someone’s phone is dead!

You might be aware of how many settings the phones of modern times have. It is hard to predict if the other person is genuinely unavailable or ignoring you. There are a number of features that are present in the market to secure privacy. As the privacy of a person is in his own hands, he can actually use any settings at will.

Settings and issues such as…



Do not disturb list

The battery of the phone

Artificial answering

These things make it a lot harder to reach out to a person nowadays. Well, many times people tell you that their phone was dead. But we have trust issues, don’t we? So how can you find out if the phone is actually dead?

Here are all the details which will help you to know the status of the phone and if it is dead or not!

If you constantly reach Voicemail throughout the day-

Features such as blocklists and do not disturb lists affect voicemail a lot. Even if the battery of the phone is dead, you will simply be redirected to Voicemail. And also, it is absolutely justified if the other person is not home the whole day. Also if the battery of the phone dies, you will reach voice mail. So in so much mess, how will you figure out if the phone is dead? Or if the person is actually ignoring you!

The honest answer will be trying again. If you are trying to reach a friend or relative, you can try calling their neighbours. Also, you might be able to visit their residence. Just an advice, do not go simply after 2 to 3 calls in an hour. It’s fine to wait for 6 to 7 hours. If there is an emergency, try calling their neighbours or someone who might connect you to them.

Also, it’s good to send a text message describing the situation in brief. When it comes to calls, the interest of the other person matters a lot.

Reasons which might affect the phone going dead-

1) You have been blocked is the first thing that might cause you to reach the voicemail. In some scenarios, you might even simply be unable to connect.

2) The battery of the phone dying is something that redirects you to voicemail. This is the most common thing. Irrespective of whether it is a cell phone or a landline cordless phone.

3) The do not disturb feature is not allowing you to get connected. If the person’s phone is on the do not disturb mode, it will only allow phone calls from certain people. So if you are not on the priority list, you are not going to connect.

4) Smart Caller ID has gained importance recently. It blocks all the spam and scam calls. In case there is an issue with the caller ID, you will face difficulty in calling.

5) Physical issues such as phone going bad, not putting it down properly or line cut. If you are a landline user, you are already aware of these problems. This prevents you from receiving or dialling any calls. Also, a lot of phones in the US are connected to modems. So if your modem is facing some problem, you will face issues with the phone as well.

How to know if someone’s phone is dead?

Well, the answer is simple. Communication is the key. Considering all the points aforementioned, you can make assumptions. You can try texting as well. Once you are finally connected, only then you will be able to know the real thing.

Here is some advice. Try not to reach conclusions just after a few calls. Give people time and space if your work can wait. Rushing is not always a good option. Also, be open to excuses and answers. You are smart enough to know if the person is lying or not!

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