How To Prevent Turtling {5 Ways}

Feature Image- How To Prevent Turtling {5 Ways}

There are many medical problems that are associated with our private parts and one of them is the turtling of the penis. Different methods can be used to prevent turtling.

Penis Turtling

In this world, we face many problems every day. Many different kinds of diseases are also spreading in our environment. People are facing different types of issues in their lives. For example, some people are suffering from covid, some from cancer, and many more. These are some big problems but there are some problems that look small but have a great impact on our lives. Let’s take the example of delayed sperm ejaculation. It looks like a small problem but a person having delayed ejaculation will face some issues in having a child.

One of these problems is the turtling of the penis. Today we will discuss the turtling of the penis and also its causes and how to prevent turtling as soon as possible.

What is the turtling of the penis?

Turtling is a problem in which penis size becomes smaller and it looks like it is shrunken. A person who has this problem will surely face problems in releasing sperm. Also, he will have problems while having sex. In most cases, a man who has turtling cannot have sex and a person who cannot have cannot become a father. But there are fewer cases of turtling like we mentioned above.

In most cases of turtling, penis size is normal but it is hidden under the abdomen’s skin. In some cases, it is also hidden under the thighs. Now, we will discuss the reasons behind that.

Reasons behind the turtling

There could be many reasons behind the turtling. But we’ll discuss some major reasons behind this. In some men, this problem is by birth. So, in some cases, genetics are the cause of turtling. In most cases, however, the reasons behind the situation are completely different. Having too much body fat could be a reason for that. Because when we have too much fat in the body then it is obvious that our abdomen will also have extra fat which causes turtling.

Smoking is also one of the reasons for turtling. Other than that, a major reason for that is an intense workout. Warming up less or working out with too much intensity can also cause turtling.

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All you need to know about how to prevent turtling?

Now, a question arises how you can able to prevent turtling? So, now we’ll answer that.

#1. Have a good warmup

Good warmup

Warming up before starting your workout will automatically reduce your chances of turtling. It is scientifically proven that a good warmup is a key to keeping your workouts interesting and injury-free. There are many cases of turtling that are caused by not proper warmup. So, if you do work out then keep that in mind. Always do proper stretching and warm-up before your workouts.

#2. Eat less fatty food

Many of us are too much dependent on junk foods. Obsession with junk food can get you in a worse situation. Fast food has a very bad impact on our lifestyle which gives birth to many unwanted diseases and problems. When we eat more fatty food then it is obvious that more fat will be deposited in our bodies. Our abdomen will contain more fat. Which will increase the chances of having turtling.

Junk food also creates many other diseases. That’s why all doctors recommend having less fast food. Having fast food occasionally is good and acceptable. Byt, having it on a regular basis can create a huge problem for your body. So avoid fast food as much as you can. That will be beneficial for you.

#3. Quit smoking and avoid preventing turtling

Quit smoking and prevent turtling

There are many cases of turtling which proves that smoking is also a big reason for turning. Smoking not only affects your lungs but also affects your penis. Smoking too many cigarettes can affect the size of your penis. The smoke of cigarettes will make your penis small and you’ll also face problems with your lungs too.

So, smoking is injurious to us in many aspects. So, just for the fun of some minutes don’t spoil your life.

#4. Stop masturbating

Masturbating too much is very bad for our physical health. Masturbating Not only does it affect our physical health, but it also affects our mental health as well. It is also a major reason for the cause of turtling of the penis. Masturbation is not bad for our health if it is done within a certain limit. But when we get addicted to it then it becomes a problem for us. Masturbating 1 to 3 times a week is good but if we do it on a regular basis or multiple times a day then you will face many issues in the future. So, avoid masturbating as much as it is possible.

#5. Massaging with penis oil

Penis oil

Having a massage from penis oil can help in reducing turtling. You can also visit a doctor for this problem. Some medicines are also available in the market to prevent turtling. So, there were some solutions for turtling. But as we know prevention is better than cure so you should not fall in any situation like this. If you take precautions like masturbating less or smoking less then it is nearly impossible to catch problems like these.


There are many other problems that are attached to penis turtling. If someone has turtling then he will face different kinds of problems. He will face problems in having sex. This is the most significant problem. Many other problems like peeing will catch you. On other hand, you will also have problems with penis erection.

So, these types of problems are less discussed but they have a great impact on someone’s life. We should also not bully someone with these kinds of problems. Because this could happen to anyone and we should encourage them and also keep in mind that we have to stay away from these kinds of problems that could create problems for us in the future. So, stay safe and always take precautions to live a healthy life.

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