How to hide belly fat in jeans {7 Tips}

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Of course, Belly fat is the area that draws most of the attention. There are many ways to hide belly fat. like choose high waist jeans, wear dark colors, avoid belts, wear asymmetrical and printed tops and also avoid tight jeans.

7 Recommended Techniques to hide belly fat in jeans

Choosing jeans according to your body shape is the toughest work in this world. Different brands have different measurements so it becomes really hard to find the perfect fit for your body. If you are someone who is not comfortable with your belly fat and wants to hide lower belly fat then the perfect jeans hunt will not be easy. But there are plenty of pairs of jeans that are available in the market which are made just to hide the stomach area fat. In this article, I will share some techniques and jeans types that will help you hide your belly fat. And will solve all your problems related to how to hide lower belly fat in jeans.

High-waisted jeans helps to reduce belly at for womens

#1. The key to looking good is to wear high-waisted jeans

If you have more fat around your belly then always go for high waist jeans. They are like lifesavers. Not only do they give support to your belly but they also help in tucking the belly up which creates the illusion of a slim belly. Low waist jeans make your problem area look more prominent while it is the opposite in the case of high waisted jeans. So, always go for these jeans.

#2. Always choose dark colors

I think everyone is aware of the fact that dark color creates an illusion of slimness. So always opt for dark colors. Avoid bright colors as much as you can. You can buy black, jet black, dark blue colors and even maroon works fine. Belly fat is the worst and time taking area to reduce fat so till then you can follow this tip to hide your belly pooch.

#3. Buy a body shapewear

Wearing shapewear is another solution to this problem. This shapewear can reduce up to 2 to 3 inches of your belly fat. It makes your body look in perfect shape. They even enhance your butt a little and give a very pretty shape to them. You can easily wear these under any jeans no one will ever notice. But always buy shapewear according to your body shape. You can also carry this under any maxi or short dress. Trust me they look great.

#4. Know your body size

So most of the women don’t know their jeans size correctly. They either bought a size small or a size large. So with the help of professionals, you can know your jeans fit. If jeans are large for you then they will always draw attention so try to find your perfect size. The different brands have different size types but in the store, you can find a salesperson who can help you in measuring and finding your size.

#5. Avoid tight jeans

Buying tight-fitting jeans is a big no for chubby girls. It will make your belly fat more visible and also these jeans will make you super uncomfortable. Wearing tight jeans can also cause many skin problems.

#6. Asymmetrical tops should be your priority

Choose asymmetrical tops, shirts, blouses, and tunics. Also try animal prints, abstract prints, and all. Avoid muffin tops. Mid-rise tops could be a great option too. Never stick to a single style, always try new styles and patterns for both upper and bottom wear. Asymmetrical tops draw attention to your belly and create a slim belly illusion. Also, these tops are very comfortable to wear. You can also try high waist jeans with crop tops. This style makes you look tall at the same time.

#7. Avoid wearing a belt with jeans

If you want to draw attention to your waistline then I will suggest you wear a belt over jeans. But if you want to hide the belly fat then just avoid the belt. Tight belts pop your stomach out more. If you buy the right size jeans then a belt will not be needed. Even high waist jeans sit very perfectly on your belly. Also, the belt fashion has been gone a long time ago so it will not look good. But if you wanna wear a belt then go with some printed and not-so-tight ones. These will not make your belly look a little prominent.

Now you know all the tricks that you can do to hide the belly fat in jeans. Hope you all find this helpful.

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