How To Stop Masterburate Forever By Follow Christianity Methods

Feature Image- How To Stop Masterburate Forever By Follow Christianity Methods

Masturbation is a bad thing and it is mentioned in every holy book. The bible has some effective tips to leave this habit. all of them are mentioned here.

The Bible Teaches Us How To Stop Masterburate Forever- Christianity Methods

Masturbation is the word that people avoid talking about. As soon as someone says this in public people tend to avoid eye contact and feel very uncomfortable. However, there are indeed many men and women that want to stop masturbation but they can not do this because of the temptation to masterburate. Masturbation is a sin in Christianity. But seeing the community going on the wrong path they want people to get out of this sinful habit.

Read the article if you want to know how to stop masterburate forever Christianity methods. All these methods are inspired by the bible hence this will 101% help you to overcome masturbation.

#1. Avoid the situations

Man avoid the situvations and sleep early try to Stop Masterburate

This is the easiest and most practical way to leave this sinful habit. Suppose you have an intense urge to masturbate late at night. Then all you need to do is sleep early and avoid that situation. Do not wake late in the night. You will eventually stop masturbating and if the condition is odd and you can not sleep early then try to recite the god s word whenever you feel like you want to do masturbation.

Avoid going to places that promote nudity and that make you feel horny and want to do masturbation. Some of the places are beaches, clubs, gyms, etc. the reason for this is to avoid every place where you can get attracted to the opposite sex.

#2. Believe in yourself

Belive yourself always confident image

Nothing will work until you have self-confidence. If you want to leave a bad habit then all you need is strong willpower. So if you want to stop masterburate forever then you must control yourself as well as your mind. Try not to do anything against your willpower and you will achieve the target. Whenever someone provokes you to do masturbation just say may God bless you and leave that place. Saying this will make you remember why and what you are trying to stop.

Spending time with Jesus will make you forget about all the bad habits.

God wants us to be better. If you want to overcome the sexual sin then you should start doing work in that direction. Jesus is like our father and a father always forgives his children. So do not think like you have done something wrong and now you have no road for going back. If you will not try then you will have to face the holy ghost and it will count in your sin. But as soon as you take one step ahead to overcome the sin your sin does not remain with you.

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#3. Think about the consequences {This helps to stop masturbating forever}

The weight of regret is always more than the pleasure. So always think about the consequences of your sinful act before doing this. You will eventually stop doing this. Because we always need some force to stop something that has become a habit. You may have built these habits in one or two months but the fact is that it can take tears to overcome that.

Punish yourself when you cannot stop Masterburate and other bad things

And the only thing that can stop you from doing this is the thought of punishment. So only the consequences of thoughts can set you free. Remember the place where you always masturbate, write the punishments of your sinful act on a piece of paper and paste it somewhere near that place. This will keep reminding you that you need to stop doing this. It will act as an external force.

#4. Understand the bible and follow Christianity

Bible understand the sins and try to avoid Masterburate

Masturbation is a word that I do not directly mention in any holy books. Then what makes it a sin. Well, all the holy books have mentioned it differently. All you need to have is a different perspective to understand this. Because in ancient times talking about self-pleasing things was not common. And usually, people avoid this type of topic. Hence god tries to make their children understand the bad and good with different methods.

Instead of pleasing yourself, choose a pleasing god. It will help you become a better person and you will be able to grow up above all. The Bible never supports masturbation however physical relation with his wife without her consent is a sin. Hance to have a make physical relationship with your wife you should have her consent. Try to keep the difference between the two things in mind.

#5. Meditation {Highly helps to stop Masterburate forever}

Meditation helps to stop all bad things forever

Every person has a different meaning of meditation. Some meditate to focus on the god, some meditate to ignore the bad energy and some meditate to keep themselves away from all the pain. Hence it depends upon you how you take this thing. If you want to stop Masterburate forever and follow the Christianity rules then you should start doing meditation. Do meditation and focus on the almighty god. Ask him for your forgiveness and your betterment. By doing this you will admit your sin to the god. Hence in the future, you will keep in mind that I pray to God daily for forgiveness so I should not repeat the same action for which I am already asking for forgiveness.

Start doing meditation for 5min in the early morning and before going to bed. Slowly increase the time. Doing meditation for half an hour daily is enough to keep the bad desires away.

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#6. Focus on holy spirits

Focus for Holy spirits

Holy spirits are your friend. They can be your help in very tough times. Because they help you remind the god’s words which in turn keep you away from the sin. So believe in the Holy Spirit. You should obey the Holy Spirit so that they can show you the right path. When you obey them you will be able to distinguish more between sin and good. All these things will help you forget about masturbation very soon and when you feel like you are dragging yourself into the sin again they will help you to get back. So believe in God and its power. All you need to have is

The more you think about the goal the more you will be able to focus on your goal. The Bible helps you in the aspect of life whether about showing the right path or about leaving the bad habits.

#7. Learn the art of calmness

Learn always calmness for every situvation

Calmness is very important in this thing. Learn to calm your nerves even in adverse situations. If something is provoking you then try to remain calm and do not make that thing influence you to masturbate. Praying can solve this situation. Try to pray on a daily basis. This will help you to connect with the god and in return, you will learn about the calmness. Hence God is the solution to your every problem. Believe in the presence of God.


In conclusion, masturbation is a sin in the Bible and every holy book. They may not have mentioned it directly but many stories are mentioned in the holy books which tell that self-pleasuring is a bad thing. Especially sexual pleasure. So bibble have some very effective tricks to overcome the masturbation habit. These are mentioned above and they are very effective. So everyone tries to follow the above Christianity methods that definitely help to stop Masterburate habit Forever yourself without getting into any trouble for your end. Not even masturbation but they can help you lose any bad habits. You will be able to see the result very soon. The Bible helps us to become better people for others and ourselves. Hence it teaches us to overcome all the bad habits that come on this path.

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