How to perform a screenshot on chromebook

How to perform a screenshot on chromebook

The screenshot should be included in the things of one of the greatest inventions. It sometimes really helps you big as you think. If we play a game, the results, we can capture for a sec and share it in another. Posts of celebrities that seem offensive or funny may get deleted later. A screenshot remains as a basic proof of that. To spread useful information, we can use these. In mobiles, it is very simple to capture these. Coming to the PCs and chrome book, I have explained the process below.

Taking A Screenshot on Chromebook

Due to perplexing keyboards on a Chromebook, many people may not get how to capture a quick screenshot.

You can screenshot the chrome book by downloading other third-party apps also.

You can also connect an external keyboard to take a screenshot If the basic method isn’t working.

To take a screenshot of the whole screen,

1) Open the page, document where you want to perform a screenshot, and press CTRL + Show Windows.

You can find that show windows on the first column 6th position from left to right. The symbol on the key will look like a box with two lines.

The “ Show Windows “ button looks below.

show windows screen

Open the page or anything where you want to capture a screenshot and press CTRL + Shift + Show Windows and select the portion which you want to include in the screenshot by moving cursor or touchscreen.

After capturing the screenshot, you will get a pop up like this. You can copy that screenshot to the clipboard.

screenshot preview and copy to clipboard

Then after you can paste anywhere else.

By using the volume and power buttons

1) Search for the volume up button on the right side to your Chromebook. Press them simultaneously as we do on an Android device and the screenshot will get captured.

With a stylus pen

Chromebooks which are in tablet mode and works with a stylus pen can shot the screen with the same.

1) Take the stylus pen and open tools menu and there you can shot the screen like wherever you want. You can screenshot the whole screen or a specific region of the screen.

By connecting the external keyboard

1) Connect the external keyboard and press CTRL + F5 for a full-screen screenshot.

And for specific region screenshot, press CTRL + Shift + F5. That’s it.

Access Captured screenshots/ Editing Screenshots

You can access the screenshot you have captured before easily with these.

Go to files and check on the Downloads folder to access the captured screenshots. If you are unable to find it, change filters to newly added and keep searching.

Or trying searching for “ Downloads “ in the status until you find it. Because screenshots will be saved in the Downloads folder.

Click on the Share button on the top right side and save the screenshots to the google drive.

Use a fire shot to edit your screenshots and blur some parts of the screenshot. You can do many more with this.

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