How to find someone with a picture

How to find someone with a picture

4 methods help to find someone with a picture

Finding someone just with a picture does not sound so easy. But the blessings of new technologies had replaced the word ‘Impossible’ as ‘I am Possible’. So if you are searching the possible ways of how to find someone with a picture. Your loved one, a celebrity, a model or a unknown face whatever you are searching for, this article will assist you to do so.

You may have seen 90’s heroes falling in love just by seeing the heroin’s photo or just a flash of her in the crowd. If soothing like that happened with you and you are banging your head to find her. You can stop now because I am here to help you to find her.

There are a lot of applications and Websites who allows you to search with just a picture. But in did handful of them are good enough to provide an acceptable search result for you. So here we will see the best and the trusted ways to find someone with picture.

Method-1: Search with the Google lance

Google lance is an image searching tool from Google which comes as a feature of Google photos or Google ask.

How to find someone with a picture using Google lance?

Search a photo from gallery

1) If the image is already saved in your gallery then find the photo from Google photos application.

Mobile list of google and other applications on smartphone

2) Find the Google lance icon in the bottom options and click on it.

google lens use virat kohli picture

3) It will search the image wherever it is present over the internet. Also you can crop the photo to search particular thing or a person from the photo.

search virat kohli images similar in gogole search using google lens

Search from a hard copy

1) Open the Google assistant by saying ‘OK Google’ or long press the home button.

google assistant in home page on mobile screen

2) Find the Google lance option and place the camera on the photo you want to search.

search the camera on ms dhoni images

3) It will find all the existing sources of the image over the internet.

similar image searc h results for ms dhoni's images on google search

Method-2: Search with Google image search

If you are using a device that is not capable to search using the Google lens then you can do it using the Google’s image browser. This method is basically worthy if you are using your laptop or the desktop to do the same.

1) Note the image location or copy the image URL to initiate the search.

2) Then Go to the page to find the search field from Google.

gogole image search homepage

3) Hit the camera button on the search field. Clicking there you will get the option to select the type of search.

hit the camera icon in google image search site

4) Add the photo you want to search as URL form or upload the photo.

upload the search image in google images

5) Once the photo will be uploaded click on the ‘Search the image’ button.

search by image option here

6) A lot of search result related to the image will be reflecting on your screen, choose one you want.

upload images similar search results in google

Method-3: Search with TinEye

Tineye reverse image search site

TinEye is also an image searching browser. It works same as Google image search. In this web page you can find someone with an image and if the image has any online existence then the browser will find all the links foe it.

Method-4: Search the image with chrome

If you have few clues about the image and you can find the image in chrome browser then this step is helpful for you. Here you can search the image using Google for the further details about it. for doing so follow the below steps-

1) Search the image with the name or any other details and open the image.

search image named elephant

2) Then Long press on the image to get the more menus.

3) Then Select the Google search image option.

4) Now the browser will fetch all the relevant links from the cloud.

elephant google search image source and other details

These were few best working ways of how to find someone with a picture. Each of them can meet exactly what you expect. Not only you can search people with these image browsers but also you can search things places or animals with it. It will try to fetch data’s of whatever picture you will put as search subject. So now finding someone over the internet or gathering information about a person is no more complicated all you need to have a photograph of him/her and get all the information just with a single click.

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