Fitbit iconic won’t turn on

Fitbit iconic won’t turn on

6 Methods help to fix Fitbit iconic won’t turn on problems 

The Fitbit iconic won’t turn on due to some minor issues most of the time. Such issues can be fixed by you in home. So, let us check some easy steps to solve Fitbit iconic won’t turn on issue.


You can check by long pressing the Menu icon. You can press and hold the menu button that lies in the left side or 10 seconds. I this does not work try method.


Charging your Fitbit iconic may help you to turn it on. Put it in charge or at least 1 hour and check I this works. When you do factory reset of your Fitbit iconic it turns out of charge.

So, you can solve the issue by putting it in charge even the display is not showing anything. If there is a charging issue then your Fitbit will turn on after 1 hour of charge.

Still if the problem is not solved move to method 3.


If your issue is still not solved, don’t get disappointed. Heck your charger or any physical damage or connection problem.

There can be problem in the socket where you have put your Fitbit iconic on charge. The issue may lie on your electric socket.

Try to put it on charge in some other electric socket. If the issue is still prevailing the move to method 4.


In some cases the charging port on your Fitbit iconic do not work because it get filled with dust or sweat. This can also show other problems like inaccurate heart beat reading.

If you can see any such dust particle or foreign matters in your charging port, try to clean it with a cloth.

You can use a damp cloth for this purpose. Be careful while doing so, and do not put much pressure. This can damage your Fitbit iconic.

You can also avoid such problems by cleaning your heath band every week. After doing so, charge your Fitbit Iconic for 1 hour and make an attempt to switch it on.

If the problem still exist move to method 5.


The problem can also lie in your charging port. Now, you can try to clean your charging port. The charger tip of your Fitbit iconic may have some dust particles which is resisting it from getting charged.

Before you go for cleaning it do not forge to remove the charger from the electric socket. You can use a towel or toothbrush to clean your charger.

Keep in mind that you should not use a wet towel this time.

Do not try any metallic instrument for cleaning your charger even if it is not connected to the electric socket.


If your Fitbit iconic won’t turn on when you turn your wrist, do not panic. This is not an issue. You just need to go to settings and enable it. To turn it on follow the following steps-

Fitbit iconic

  • Go to settings and click on it.
  • Look for the Screen Wake option and check the status of it.
  • If it is in manual mode try and change it to auto.
  • If it is in Auto mode then you can restart the device. Before doing so, you ensure that your Fitbit iconic has 505 charge on it.

You should try all the above mention tricks before you run to the service center. If the problem in your Fitbit is minor then one of the above mention steps will be helpful for you.

If all the above hacks do not work for you contact the Fitbit support team. Most of the time the common reason for Fitbit iconic won’t turn on issue is charging.

So, make sure that you smart watch never run completely out of charge. This is not good for any electronic device. Also make sure that you do not use any other charging cables to recharge your Fitbit iconic.

Using a third party charging device can damage you Fitbit iconic.  You need to clean your Fitbit iconic once in a week to enjoy a problem free smart watch.

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