How To Record Internal Audio on any Android device | While Earphones are connected

How To Record Internal Audio on any Android device | While Earphones are connected

How to record internal audio on any android device (no root)?

Many of us wants to record internal audio while playing games. Gaming video creators and streamers requires this as they use earphones while playing the game. Even if you record the game with external audio without using earphones, all the outside stuff will get recorded and with mic and irritates you.

However, we can record internal audio on iOS platform with no issues. Internal audio is always clear and with good quality. In android, while recording the game play, most of the gamers will face this issue.

So here, I am going to show you the ways you can record your game-play with internal audio on any android device with root and without root access. There was a new API on Android 10, so we can now record internal audio on android 10 with out any hesitation.

By downloading screen recording apps with internal audio recording feature. (Android Version 5 to 9).

1) Screen Recorder – No Ads

Some special features makes this app really special.

This app is non-monetized and the size of the app is >5 MB.

Download Link : Screen Recorder – No Ads – Play Store

Step-1) : Firstly, you can open the app and navigate to the settings at the bottom.

Step-2) : Then you can set the bitrate and FPS (Frames Per Second) in the settings.

Step-3) : Then, Turn on the Record Audio option. Better set audio mode to stereo.

Step-4) : Afterwards you can select Audio Source and change it from MIC to Internal Audio.

2) Mobizen Screen Recorder

Download link : Mobizen Screen Recorder – Play Store

After downloading the app, set all of the video quality, watermark,logo, face-cam settings and follow the below steps.

Step-1) : Firstly, you can open the mobizen app and go to  video settings option and make sure that sound option is enabled.

Step-2) : Then search for the audio settings and select it.

Step-3) : Select internal audio recording option. ( If you don’t have that option, download the Latest application).

3) AZ Screen Recorder

Download link : AZ Screen Recorder – Play Store

After installing the app, follow the below steps.

Step-1) : First up all you can open the app by clicking on icon. You can see the options tab on notification bar.

Step 2) : Then, Click on the settings icon which is at the very beginning.

Step 3) : Next, you can scroll down for a while and make sure that the option “ Record Audio “ is turned on. (Basically, this records through mic which comes under external audio).

Step 4) : Then you can Go to the app’s permission and check whether the app Is allowed to use microphone.

4) ScreenCam – Play Store

Download Link : ScreenCam Screen Recorder – Play Store

Open the app, and set your bit-rate and FPS required.

Step-1) : Open the app and go to settings.

Step-2) : Then you can click on Record Audio and you can see four options like None, MIC ,Internal Audio ( Default Source) , Internal Audio ( System Apps,_Submix ).

Step-3) : Select any of the last two to record Internal Audio.

 But this requires some module off 2 MB to be downloaded which is not a big deal.

Step-4) : After selecting, scroll down and click on Screen Cam Magisk Module to download the required module for clear and quality Internal Audio recording.

After downloading the module, once better restart the mobile if it’s not working.

And again open the ScreenCam app and check the settings.

While playing PUBG Mobile and streaming it on omlet arcade or YouTube, you can use above apps to stream with internal when your earphones are connected.

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