How to Unlock Pattern Without Gmail 2022

How to unlock pattern on any device without google account

How to unlock pattern without Gmail 2022?

Many times, we may get confused with the patterns and passcodes to our android devices. Using perplexing patterns will mostly results in these type of issues. If we are using apps like google pay or any secure payments apps, it’s mandatory to lock our screens. Even the fingerprint will get suspended or won’t work until you open it with pattern even once after the restart.

There are many ways to solve this type of issues.

Method (1) : Unlock the pattern without need email access

This method applies if your android device is with android version lesser than 5.0.1(Lollipop).  This results in the loss of all data if you don’t have a PC with you. That means, you don’t need anything else other than your locked device.

Before trying this method, if you remember the pattern or pass-code exactly and still the mobile showing wrong/ error, wait for 2-3 days and try again. If the problem persists, go ahead.

Step-1) : First up all, you can reboot your device and again power off your device.

Step-2) : Now, press the power button, volume up and home button at a time. ( If the device turned on normal , turn it off and try again until you get into recovery mode).  Refer YouTube.

Step-3) : After getting recovery mode, search for factory reset/ hard reset option ( usually it will be located at the bottom). Use volume up and down buttons to navigate and power button to select. You can’t select through touching the screen.

Step-4) : Select and confirm the factory reset. All the data will be lost and the device opens up with new default theme and everything.

Method (2): Unlock mobile pattern via PC 

This method is for all devices both latest and oldest.

This method requires PC and a software downloaded and also a USB cable to connect locked device to PC.

You can unlock any kind of protection with this method like fingerprint, face id, pattern, password anything.

Step -1) : Firstly you can download the Doctor Fone( Dr.Fone) on your PC from the link below.

Link : Doctor Fone – Download Link On Windows

Step-2) : Then you can Install and Run the Dr.fone. You can recover data from your android device using this software.

Step-3) : Click on Screen lock which is first option. Check the below image for reference.

drfone pc application homepage

Step-4) : Then you can select the mobile platform whether it is iOS or Android on the next menu. You can also unlock Apple ID and iOS lock here.

choose the unlock android screen option

Step 5) : It will ask you to connect your android device using USB. Connect it. Better switch on USB Debugging option in developer options.

Step 6) : After connecting, the process will start automatically and after finishing it will the configuration file is completed as below.

The configuration file is complete confirmation prompt screen

Now, you can set new pattern lock or password and you can link new Gmail account.

By using Google Smart Lock or Google Account.

In case if you have access to your Google account which is linked with your locked device, follow up with below.

You can click on forget password and can recover it from your Google account itself. You have to login to your Google account in another mobile and you can simply unlock it.

Step 1) : Click on forget password.

Step 2) : Then, It will ask for username and password of your Google account which is already linked to it.

If you forget your Gmail password, check whether you have logged in with your Google account in any other devices and try resetting it password and set a new password.

Step 3) : Then after you can enter them correctly and set a new lock which is easy to remember.

Author : Praneeth Varma (

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