How to Switch On/Off Google Safe Search Filtering | Without Admin Password

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The biggest root of Today’s Internet is Google, a search engine. You can literally find anything on that. But, sometimes, you may not find things because of the search filters where mostly adult content gets filtered. You can turn them off by following the below steps. To put a parental control, you can also lock the safe search by encrypting with a passcode. Because just turning on safe search can be turned off simply by watching a video on YouTube.

So, first I will show you the steps for

How to turn off/on Safe Search on Google Chrome/ App.

Step 1): At the first thing, you can Open Google Chrome and search for something.

Step 2): Go to the bottom of the page and there you will find the “Settings“ option.

google search settings option

Step 3): Click on settings then, you will get four options.

google search settings

Step 4): Then you can select “Search Settings“ and then you will get a set of preferences.

safe search filters options

Step 5): You can see Safe Search Filters on the first. If you select “Show most relevant results”, then it means the safe search will be turned off. And if you select “ Filter explicit results “, safe search is turned on which means, adult content will be hidden from the results. You can use this method to put parental control to your child. But, if your child is smart, they can disable. So, for that, you can lock the settings by adding an administrative password.

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