Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working | 7 Easy Fixes

oshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working |

Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working –  is one of the common problems of Toshiba TV users. Sometimes, you might have buttons like the home button, the volume button isn’t working and sometimes only the power button is working.

In this article, we have presented seven fixes or troubleshooting methods to fix the problem.

Why does this remote problem occur?

There could be various reasons behind it, but one of the common reasons is the battery is dead or doesn’t place correctly. You can remove the battery, clean the surface, and put the batteries.

Another reason is that, as we sometimes unawarely use oily hands, or dirty hands to use the remote. But that small particles get stuck in buttons, that’s why some buttons will work and some may not.

In that case, remove the battery, and clean the remote, else you can repair or buy a new remote.

Quick List: Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working Problem – 7 Real Fixes –

  • Reset the Toshiba Fire TV Remote
  • Change the Batteries
  • Pair the Remote Again
  • Check the IR Sensor
  • Reset Your Toshiba TV
  • Repair the Remote
  • Buy New Remote

Temporary Solution: Use the Amazon Fire TV App as a Temporary Remote | Download Fire TV App – Play Store | App Store

7 Easy Fixes: Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working

#1. Reset the Toshiba Fire TV Remote

This fix can easily solve the TV remote not working problem. 

Following are the steps to reset the Toshiba Fire TV Remote –

  • Step-1: First of all, You can remove the remote’s batteries.
  • Step-2: Now, you can press and hold the power button for 1 minute
  • Step-3: Mash all the buttons on your remote, several times.
  • Step-4: Then, you can try using the remote again after putting the batteries back in and see if it works.

If the remote isn’t working, try doing the same steps without removing batteries, this could potentially solve your problem.

There are two reasons why we did that.

First is, that electronic devices such as remotes have residual power within, even without batteries. This energy is stored in capacitors, often time this energy prevents the remote from resetting, holding down the power button without batteries, and discharging the remote.

The second reason is, that many times small dirt particles get trapped in buttons and get the buttons stuck. Because of this other buttons aren’t working, as multiple buttons are being pressed at a time. That’s why mashing all the buttons or even slapping the remote from behind can open the stuck buttons.

#2. Change the Batteries

2. Change the Batteries

The batteries might be the main reason behind the Toshiba fire TV remote not working problem.

However, the solution is straightforward, change the batteries. 

As remotes don’t run on a wired cord, their power source is batteries. These batteries often die, even when you aren’t using them much. The lifespan of the batteries can even be reduced if it isn’t in use for a long time.

Exposure to heat or direct sunlight can also damage batteries.

The good part is they aren’t much expensive, just open the lid and replace your batteries.

Toshiba fire TV remote requires two ‘AAA’ batteries.

#3. Pair the Remote Again

You need to pair your remote to Toshiba fire TV, in order to use it. However, if it isn’t paired, you need to first pair it in order to use it.

So, there are two methods to pair the remote to Toshiba fire TV.

Method-1: Press the pairing button for 15 seconds

If you have an enhanced Toshiba Fire TV, then you would have a pairing button on the back of your remote, press that pairing button for 15 seconds.

Method-2: Press the home button for 30 seconds

Method 2: Press the home button for 30 seconds, for Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working

If you don’t have a pairing button on the back of your remote, just press the home button pointing towards the TV for 30 seconds.

After 30 seconds you’ll see the remote start blinking, which means your TV is now paired.

#4. Check the IR Sensor

IR Sensor or Infrared Beam is a sensor that sends a signal to your TV, about which button is pressed by you. However, when this beam is damaged, the signal can’t be reached to TV and hence, after pressing buttons also TV won’t respond.

Therefore, you have to check that is IR Sensor working properly.

To check if IR Sensor is working properly or not, there is an easy way.

4. Check the IR Sensor

Here is how to check the IR Sensor of your remote –

  • Step-1: First of all, you can open the camera on your phone.
  • Step-2: Now, look at your remote’s IR Sensor using a camera. IR Sensor is the small glass-like object in front of the remote.
  • Step-3: Then, You can press the buttons on the remote.

A working will show red light blinking, while a remote whose IR Sensor is damaged won’t show any light or the batteries may be dead or defective.

#5. Reset Your Toshiba TV

Resetting your Toshiba TV could possibly solve, Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working Problem.

Basically, if you want to reset your Toshiba TV, all you have to do is just unplug it from a power source for approximately 60 seconds = 1 minute.

Just wait for a minute and re-plug the TV, and try using your remote again.

You can also restart your TV by pressing the power button when TV is plugged in until you see Toshiba’s logo.

#6. Repair the Remote

Another option for you is to repair the remote, many times there are just minor faults, which can easily be repaired.

You can also call customer care for this, they’ll give a solution according to your situation. To find the customer care number, find your user guide and you’ll get Toshiba’s customer service number and email address.

#7. Buy New Remote

Lastly, if nothing is working, then it is time to buy a new remote. However, till then you can use the temporary solution to temporarily solve the problem.

Buy Toshiba Fire TV Remote ( it will cost you around $14, and a universal fire TV remote will cost you around $19.

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Temporary Solution: Use Amazon Fire TV App

Temporary Solution: Use Amazon Fire TV App

If your remote has ever stopped working, then there is an always-worthy alternative to your remote, which Amazon Fire TV App on your mobile phone.

Download Amazon Fire TV App – Play Store | App Store

Download this app and make sure you have connected both TV and Mobile (Amazon Fire TV App) on the same WiFi network. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to operate the TV from App

Steps – 

  • First of all, you can download the Amazon Fire TV App.
  • And then you can sign in to your device (Use Amazon’s username and password)
  • After signing in your device will start searching for Fire TV automatically.
  • Then, Tap on your TV’s name to connect.
  • You’ll be seeing a four-digit code on your TV, enter that code on your mobile app.
  • After all, is done, You have successfully connected with Fire TV App without getting into any trouble!

The good thing is you can able to use your TV without a remote control.

This is a temporary solution Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working problem.


#1. How to Turn ON Toshiba Fire TV Without Remote?

If you want to turn ON Toshiba Fire TV without using any remote, all you need to do is you have to press the power button one time, and then it will be on from sleep mode.

Power button location: It is located behind the TV on the left-hand side or on the right-hand side.

#2. Why Volume Button isn’t Working on Toshiba Fire TV Remote?

Following are the reasons why the volume buttons aren’t working on Toshiba Fure TV Remote:

  • Batteries are dead or defective
  • False or incorrect device and audio settings
  • The wrong HDMI Port has been used
  • Buttons might be stuck
  • IR Sensor problem


  • Changing the batteries
  • Change the HDMI Port and plug it into the correct audio port
  • Reset your remote
  • Then, Call customer care
  • Buy a new remote

#3. Is Amazon Fire TV App better than Physical Remote?

The Amazon Fire TV app is much more advanced than a physical remote. As a physical remote has limited space, you can’t type as quickly using the physical remote. But with Fire TV App you can easily navigate to channels.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the problem of the Toshiba Fire TV Remote Not Working, might have been solved. This article gives you seven troubleshooting methods, which often solve the problems.

In the end, you have also got a temporary solution to download Amazon Fire TV App. Which let you control your TV with a mobile phone.

You can comment down, on how you have solved this problem, so it would help other readers also.

Thanks for reading…

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