How to Change the Input on TV Without Remote?

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It’s really annoying when we’ve lost TV Remote and want to change Inputs. Until you haven’t read our article. In this article, we will tell you 2 easy ways on How to Change Input on TV without a Remote.

These two ways are universal, which means you can control and change inputs on any TV without a remote.

Recently, I’ve lost my TV Remote and missed the climax, later I need surf the web for nearly 20 Minutes. Because it wasn’t so popular movie, I thought this 2 Minute article could save you 2o minutes.

Two Easy Ways to change inputs on TV without Remote

A Picture Depicts to change input on tv without remote, remote isn't working
TV Remote from

To change Input you can navigate through TV Buttons, every TV has buttons to control TV, in case of Remote Lost.

You can also use universal remotes, to change inputs. Many smartphones also have apps to control TV, you can control your TV, without the remote.

Miracast is also a good option if you’ve Smart TV.

1. Use TV Buttons

Although you can change the input on your TV, with your TV Buttons. You just have to press Menu or Input. 

After pressing Menu or Input navigate through volume buttons (<,>) and go up & down, with channel changing buttons (⇑,⇓).

Nowadays, almost all TVs have buttons, you can look for them on the corners of your TV. Unlike, earlier they were in front, if you’ve old TV they should be in front.

Morden TVs or Smart TVs have voice rendering features, sounds technical?, which means you can control your Television with your Voice.

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2. Use Universal Remotes to change the input

Universal Remotes can use to operate any Television, try to ask in your neighborhood.

Else, you can make your smartphone a TV Remote. If your smartphone has IR features, you can download a universal TV remote from Play Store or App Store.

However, you’ll find many fake apps, these are Top ten best remote apps, mentioned on this website: android authority

Actually, your remote has an infrared pointer (IR) that sends the signal to your TV. If your smartphone has IR, you can easily operate the TV, with your device.

To find out your smartphone has IR or not, you can look at the upper sides of your smartphone, generally, it’s there. It will be a little dot-like thing, or you can google about your device.

So these were the two ways to change Inputs on TV Without Remote. 

Morden days, TVs are designed as they can work without remote also. If you’ve bought recently a TV Set, it’s super easy to change input without a remote.

If you’ve Samsung TV, visit this website: Samsung TV

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