How to Find Someone’s Address in Three Easy Ways

How to Find Someone's Address in Three Easy Ways

Finding someone’s address isn’t hard in our 21st century. Countries like the USA, Canada, and others were majorly people uses the internet. In this article, you’ll know How to Find Someone’s Address in 3 Easy Ways.

The good news for you there are many pages on the internet that give addresses for US residents.

Also, half of the homo sapiens are on the social networking sites like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, etc. So, it’s super easy for you, unless the person isn’t on social media or doesn’t use the internet.

3 Ways to Find Someone’s Address

Here are 3 easy ways to find anyone’s address. There are some best tools and techniques to get the exact address.

1. Know Someone’s Address through

In the US, some websites work as a public directory to find someone’s address. One of them is Whitepages.

This website work like a public directory, you need to search for their name, if these websites have the information, you’ll get the address easily.

What you need to do is-

  • Going to screenshot showing how whitepage website can help to find someone's address
Name & City
  • Then, you need to enter the appropriate person’s full name. (First Middle Last)
  • Then type the person’s city name or zip code.
Search Results on
Search Results
  • Press enter after filling in all the information, you’ll get some results, then you’ve to click on ‘View Details’ to get all the information.

White Pages is although a good website but it works only in the US, not outside of the US. They consist of both the paid and free information, you need to pay for someone’s address.

Other Public Records website, that will help you to find someone’s address-

  • TruePeopleSearch – This website has free search.
  • Pipl – Free website helps you to find someone with a single piece of information.
  • US Search – Another free website, with simply the same features.

Don’t forget to do a reverse search, means check their phone numbers and email address. As you know the world is small, you can get a person with the same name and city.

2. Social Media

When you want to know how to find someone’s address, think of websites where you share your personal information like an address.

i) Scan their profiles

You may have posted on Facebook, in which university you’re studying or mentioned in your Bio. And in Instagram, when you posted something, you’ve mentioned your location.

Linked In, Twitter is the other great options.

You can cross-check it, from multiple profiles. If you’ve got their email or phone number you can get the IP Address, you can also check their location through IP Address – see our article.

2. Ask From Mutuals Friends

Mutuals friends are those, who’s a friend with you and also of the other person. You can ask them if they know or not.

You can easily find mutual friends, by going to their profiles.

Also, you can find someone’s address by going to the Tagged Section where people have tagged them.

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3. How to Find Someone’s Address Who isn’t on the Internet

I know all the tricks and techniques, I mentioned here require that person to be on Internet, or shared his information on the internet.

So the question should be how to find someone’s address offline.

i) Call at Institutes

This picture depicts an institute, which is part of 3rd easy way to find someone's address
Photo by Jyotirmoy Gupta on Unsplash

There are institutes, where we give our addresses. Like Schools, University and Working Places like offices.

If you’ve any information about that person, where he studied or where he worked. You can call that place or institute asking for their home address.

Might they’ll deny, as there are strict rules at that places. But if it’s important for you, you can tell them how important is this, might they give the person’s address.

ii) Look out for the state website

If you’re not a US Resident or live in any other nation. I will recommend checking your state’s service on finding someone’s address.

Because many nations or states are providing databases on the internet, where you can find the person’s address, also if they aren’t on any social media or internet.

An Indian state ‘Gujrat’ has a database of their residents, where you need to type the person’s name or phone number, and you’ll get a list of residents with that name.

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