Easy Steps on How to Zoom Out on Vizio TV?

Easy Steps on How to Zoom Out on Vizio TV

Vizio TV has a setting in which the aspect ratio is set to Zoom In. Many customers had the problem of Zoomed In screen, and they don’t know how to Zoom Out on Vizio Tv.

So, here in this article, we will provide an easy step-by-step guide on How to Zoom Out on Vizio TV.

If you haven’t encountered this problem till now, you can soon. Because many TV Channels are still broadcast in the Traditional Ratio of 4:3. So it’s better to turn on to Normal Mode from Zoom Mode.

The Simple Guide for How to Zoom Out of your Vizio TV?

Vizio TV Remote
This Tv Remote picture is from unsplash.com

To change the settings you just need your TV Remote. If you don’t have TV Remote also, then you can’t change it, you can go back to the default setting with TV Buttons but it’s isn’t worth it. You can use Vizio TV Manual or contact Vizio for support: Vizio TV

  1. Turn on your Vizio Tv and please ensure that some picture or video is running to see the changes.
  2. Now press the Menu Button your remote which is there in the Top 4 Button, or depending upon your remote.
  3. With the help of the arrow buttons, you can select the Wide option.
  4. Now, here you can see the default setting for your screen aspect ratio, there select Normal then press Ok, done!

See how simple and easy was that!

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What are the 4 Aspect Ratio Settings?

So in Vizio TV, you will get 4 option to Change Aspect Ratio, which is-

  • Normal Mode
  • Zoom Mode
  • Panoramic Mode
  • Wide Mode
1. Normal Mode

By default, the Vizio TV is set on Normal Mode, In this mode, there are black bezels. And the aspect ratio is the default for different channels, which is good if you see multiple channels, or to operate TV in default mode.

2. Zoom Mode

This is the mode you were stuck in. In Zoom Mode TV’s aspect ratio is too zoomed in, and sometimes you can see pictures are cut out. This mode is good if you want to see the whole picture, without the black bezels or bars.

3. Panoramic Mode

In Panoramic Mode, the TV will remove all the black bars present. However, this feature only applies to Non-HD Channels and if you’re using just a normal TV without any Streaming Services. If found pictures blurry or too zoomed, maybe this is the reason, change it to Normal Mode by following the above procedure.

4. Wide Mode

This is also a good mode to watch television. In Wide Screen, the picture is stretch to cover the whole TV Screen. If there are black bars, they will be removed, so you can enjoy watching. You can always go back to Normal Settings!

If you were hating your TV, might this article have changed your mind? And one thing to know, you need a Vizio TV remote only, your DTH Remote can’t do this.


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