How to Fake Sleep Learn With 7 Tips and Warnings

How to Fake Sleep Learn With 7 Tips and Warnings

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Whether you don’t want to get caught or you’re preparing for an audition or your TikTok Video, you need to learn how to Fake sleep.

Doing acting professionally or just using that skill in your personal work, you need to pretend you’re asleep. But as you’re in a fake sleep, so you’re quite conscious about your surroundings. That’s the challenging thing.

So here in this article, you’ll learn how to fake sleep with these 7 Tips and warnings.

How to Prepare for a Fake Sleep?

This picture depicts a Fake Sleep Person lying under blanket
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Preparing for a fake sleep means when you pretend you’re asleep while you’re not, there will be some cautions. Like when you’re in real sleep, you won’t react to the people and circumstances but in Fake sleep, it’s hard to hold back.

Act like you aren’t faking your sleep. But you’re really tired and sleepy. Some things you can do Fake your sleep.

  • Relax your body and sleep in a position you’re comfortable.
  • Breath like a baby, that means breathing deeply and slowly.
  • Don’t move too much, as to Fake sleep you need to act like Real Sleep.

You can even wear noise cancellation to block loud noise or earplugs. Try to cover your senses means eyes, nose, and ears because they react instantly. Like if you heard a joke, can you stop yourself from laughing, pretty hard, right? try to cover it with a pillow, blanket, or something else.

Don’t Get Caught While Faking Sleep

You can easily get caught if you start smiling or laughing. When your family member or anybody tries to wake you up, you need to mimic like you were in actual sleep.

You need to act like, you were in deep sleep and someone intentionally tried to wake up. How will you act if someone wakes you up in the middle of your dreams:

  • You will be sleepy and tired. Then act like you were sleepy.
  • Like a sleepy person isn’t straight, their head is falling onto shoulders, their hairs aren’t styled perfectly, and you can also tiredness in eyes of that person.
  • Last, you don’t need to shout, but you should be frustrated if someone wakes you up in the middle of sleep.

Like this, you can act your false sleep, of course, they will try to test you. That if you’re really slept or not by:

  •  By checking your breath.
  • Talking to you, in the hope you will node, reply to them, or react.
  • If you’re a college or school student and your parents are trying to wake you up for college or school, then you shouldn’t do this because they can also put cold water on your face instead please continue with your academics.

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7 Tips and Warnings on How to Pretend Fake Sleep

A Baby pictures which help this article to depict fake sleep
Sleeping Baby by


1. Keep your sleeping position like facing the wall

Wall will cover your body, so you’ve to fake less. Also if you’re facing the wall your facial expressions are hidden, so facing the wall can increase the chances of not getting caught.

2. Cover your Face with blankets

This point is also for the same reasons, covering your face can help you to save yourself from getting caught. Of course, the blanket is just an example you can use anything, to cover yourself.

3. Block Loud Noise

Actually, not a loud noise but noise also can ruin the game, when listening to anything very consciously, chances are you’ll respond to the talk with gestures and movements sometimes with words also. It will be a plus point for your Fake Sleep if you blocked noise.

4. Breath Deep

Have you observed how?

babies or a person in real sleep, slept? They take deep breaths and breath very slow or you can say at their natural pace. This is above all point, if you’re here for an acting audition, note down, please.

5.Be Unconscious

Awareness, consciousness, and all the other spiritual words (what masses call them) are good for life but aren’t here. You need to be Unconscious for the time like you’re in your real sleep.

6. Focus on Breath

Focusing on Breath can also put you in real sleep, when you focus on your breathing, you can be unconscious automatically.

7. Don’t Fake too much

The most important tip, when you fake too much, chances are you can be caught easily. Just all things with ease!


1. Don’t Overthink

Don’t overthink, when you do nothing the thoughts will appear. And most of the time people get distracted by thoughts, it’s better to daydream and keep your thoughts in one direction.

2. Stop Smiling

You can do this by biting both sides of your mouth, not so that it can be easily noticed just slightly.

3. Fake Sleep

Fake Sleep is the last warning, to remind you’re faking your sleep, as I said in the beginning you need to learn how to Fake Sleep.

By going through the article, with the tips and warnings, you would learn the Art of Fake Sleep!

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