How Do You Check If Someone Has A Warrant?

How Do You Check If Someone Has A Warrant

A warrant is a legal document. This document is issued by the court against a company or a person. The purpose for issuing warrants can be many. The common reason includes searching for property or arresting a person for a crime. So if you have a warrant on your name then it is a serious issue. 

You may need to check if the person has any warrant against him or not. It can be used in various verification processes, for job security marriage, and more. Well! It’s not impossible to search for a warrant against a person. 

You just need the right approach and we will guide you on how to check if someone has a warrant or not. 

How is it possible to find a warrant?

Well! Many of you may argue that if I have a warrant on my name then how can a person other than me find that warrant? It is because every type of warrant are public document. Even the documents that are attached to that warrant are also public.

So all the warrant and your document information is public. And can be easily available to anyone.

Different types of warrant

Before looking for warrants, let’s go through the basics. There are different types of warrants. And based on the type the seriousness of the crime has been decided by the law.

Here is a list of various types of warrants that can be issued against a person.

Arrest Warrant If the person has committed a crime then the court issues an arrest warrant to capture that person.

Bench WarrantThis warrant is issued when a person fails to show up on the court hearing date.

Civil Warrant These warrants are issued against those who have failed to pay their child support and more.

Search WarrantThis is a property search warrant. If they doubt any illegal activity happening through your property then this warrants issues.

What are the details held by the warrant?

What kind of information you can get from the warrant? If you do not know this question what is the point of searching for a warrant?

Here is the information that a warrant carries within.

  • Date of issuing of the warrant
  • Crime committed by the person
  • Date of crime
  • Bail amount
  • Make and address details of the criminal

So you can get information related to the person and the crime that he has committed through the warrant.

How Do You Check If Someone Has A Warrant {5 Possible Ways }

So how to find a warrant? After clearing the basics, let’s dive into the actual process of finding the warrant. There are various ways that you can use to find a warrant against a person. And based on your availability you can choose any of the following methods.

#1. Contact local law enforcement

By local law enforcement I mean the local police office. You can call on the no emergency phone number of the police station.

Since warrants are public records so there is no hiding. If you provide the details of the person like the name age and address then they can tell you about the issued warrants.

They can tell if there is a warrant or not. It may take some time. But it is the most promising way to look into the background of any person.

#2. Visit the suspected courthouse

You can visit the courthouse directly to check if there is any warrant issued against the person. They have all the records. And they will look for you in the records. 

But there is only one problem with this. If you are visiting the right court only then you will get the information. They do not have information regarding the warrants issued by another courthouse. So be sure about this point first.

#3. Search through an online database

With advancements in technology, the government has started reeling the public databases. You can reach the official police force website of your area. And look into the warrant details of any person. This also helps the police to capture the criminals.

Just make sure that you are well aware of the person’s official name and all. Only then you can search the warrant from this database.

#4. Hire an investigator

If you have tried every other method and still have nothing in your hand then it is time to hire an investigator. All you have to do is provide the person details to them. And they will do the rest of the work for you.

Based on the experience of an investigator the fee is decided. But finding a warrant is not a work. So you can get this work at a minimum price.

#5. Use third-party websites

If you are finding the official websites hard to navigate then there are third-party websites. These websites have the same data as the official websites of the police.

But the only difference is these are relatively easy to search. So you can visit any of these websites for your work. 

Most of these websites are free of cost. So you do not have to spend anything here.

Can a warrant be fake?

Well, the answer to this question is yes. It is very possible. But if you are finding the warrant from the official website then it can not be fake. However, it is hard to believe the third-party party was warranted.

Anyone can print a fake warrant just by doing some editing and Photoshop. So you should not believe in those warrants. Wait until you cross-check from the official websites.

You can even look in the state and the national public record database. It is used to find the warrants on the national level.


Here we have learned about various ways to find a warrant against a person. If the warrant has been issued by the official authorities then it must be in the public documents. No power can remove that warrant from the public database.

So a warrant is the best way to check the criminal background of any person.


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