How To Fix: iPhone Volume Buttons Not Working Problem

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Often it ruins our experience when something isn’t working, especially hardware. So, if your iPhone volume buttons are not working, here are our Six fixes, that can help you resolve this problem.

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Six Fixes To Resolve iPhone Volume Button Not Working Problem

#1. Try To Reboot Your iPhone

Just press the power button, swipe to power off your iPhone, once it is turned off press the power button for 5 secs, to reboot your iPhone.

Power Off iPhone Option

Many times due to bugs, or things are not optimized, that’s why it won’t show that volume slider.

However, the simple restart can fix your volume button not working problem.

#2. Try Software Update Your iPhone

Software Update can help to fix volume button not working problem

If you haven’t updated your iPhone to the latest software, you can face this type of issue. Because maybe there are some of the bugs, or non optimize things, in the previous software, that Apple fixed in this.

To check your iPhone Software Update or not, Go to Settings – then select General – Here, select Software Update.

See if here your system is updated or not, then simply update to the latest software.

#3. Temporary Fix – Turn On The Assistive Touch

Assistive touch – It can help you to control many features in your iPhone through touch. This is really helpful when buttons in your iPhone aren’t working.

Assistive Touch: Adjust Volume Without Power Button

When iPhone Volume Buttons are not working, simply turn on your Assistive Touch, and adjust the volume. You can turn on the Assistive touch, by going to Settings – then select Accessibility – then select Touch – Here Turn On your Assistive Touch.

So, this can fix your Volume Button Not Working Issue, but it’s temporary. Because you need your volume button to be alive, while hard reset (However, now there are different methods available)

You can read out the blog till last to fix this issue.

#4. Try To Clean The Volume Buttons

If your iPhone got contacted with dirt or water, probably the tiny particles get stuck, that’s why the buttons are stuck.

To fix the problem, simply clean the volume buttons.

To Clean Volume Buttons

i) Use Cotton Buds.

ii) Soak the Cotton Buds in Water.

iii) And then, rub the cotton buds on volume buttons, very gentle.

iv) After that, take the dry cotton bud.

v) And wipe out the extra water from volume buttons.

vi) Let them dry.

Note – Make Sure There isn’t any direct contact with water.

Now, if you have cleaned up your volume buttons, then try to slightly pressurize the volume buttons. Press it with little force few times, and check volume slider is showing or not.

#5. Try To Check Your Settings

My friend recently bought a second-hand iPhone, in which he was also having issues with the volume button not working.

So, he was adjusting, the volume of the iPhone from the control center, or from notification (When you play something that creates volume, then there is a volume slider in the notification area.)

I saw it someday, and ask why he was doing it, he was thinking it was the faulty second-hand piece, in which volume buttons weren’t working.

Then, I thought to help him out, I was just scrolling through settings because volume buttons weren’t stuck, we can press it.

I found out the setting, in which you can’t change volume by volume buttons, I turned it off, then everything was good.

iPhone Settings Accesibility Option Screen

Go to Settings – then Sounds & Haptic – under Ringer & Alert, Turn on Change With Buttons.

Assistive Touch: Adjust Volume Without Power Button

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#6. Repair Your iPhone

The final method, if you tried all the home remedies to fix the iPhone volume buttons not working problem.

Still, if your buttons aren’t working, then the repairing time of your iPhone has arrived. This weekend, find time from your schedule, to repair it.

However, if your iPhone is under warranty, you can also claim the warranty, in this way you can repair your iPhone for free.

Thanks For Reading, I Hope You Find it Helpful!


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