How to send pictures in tinder 2023? {Working Tricks}

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Hello and welcome to our new article. You landed here because you are probably searching for a trick to send private pictures to someone on the Tinder app without connecting. Many people think it’s hard to send images over Tinder! Most of them are correct, and some of them are wrong. If we follow the procedure we are going to discuss in this article and implement it in the same way as we did, you can easily send someone pictures on Tinder. The process we will see in this article is very simple, and even a beginner can easily understand.

We went through many sources to find this information, so we hope you read this and support us. So without any late, just get into the topic.

First, let us understand how Tinder actually works so that you can get a basic understanding of everything in detail.

Of course, Tinder is a dating application. Persons who feel bored and willing to mingle with someone can easily sign up and create a profile on their platform. Girls can hunt for boys, and in the same way, boys can hunt for girls. Tinder asks you to upload some good-looking products while signing up so that the opposite person can get a good impression after seeing those images and connect with the profile they like.

Two working tricks for how to send pictures on Tinder?

Tinder and other dating apps do when you create a profile and upload pictures to their platform. Your pictures will appear to the opposite gender depending on your preferences, which you gave in the registration process. As we discussed earlier, if you’re a boy, your profile will be shown to the opposite gender, which is a girl. So if a girl likes your bio and profile, they swipe and become your match so that you can chat with them and date.

Tinder wants to make huge money by limiting many features for its Tinder users and making them premium. We need to pay tinder hundreds of rupees to get access to those features. So as a part of that, Tinder won’t allow users to send pictures to opposite matches, so today, we will find the best solution to tackle that problem and learn a bypass trick.

Trick-1: Using Tinder to send pictures

There are few ways to send images on Tinder, but here is the best way everyone can easily use.

Step-1: First of all, you can open any browser on mobile, but google chrome is recommended.

Step-2: Then, you can open a website called After opening the website, you can see the Drag here option. Just click on that.

Open website on your mobile or computer browser screen

Step-3: After seeing some bottom pop-ups, select files open and open the gallery.

Choose the file you want to show the tinder peoples

Step-4: After opening the gallery, select any file and upload it.

Open gallery and select image

Step-5: Once you upload the file, you can see a link like this. Just copy the link.

Copy the uploaded picture link

Step-6: Now open the tinder app and click on the chat window open.

Open the tinder chat option

Step 7: Now open any conversation and send them the picture link.

Share the picture link in the tinder conversation chats

That’s all. So that someone checks that link, they can see your pictures without getting any issues.

Trick-2: Sending pictures on Tinder

This trick is also one of the easiest tricks that anyone can easily implement. This trick is very similar to the first trick, but in this trick, we will use the Google Drive app to create a similar kind of link. So without any discussion, let’s see the process.

Step-1: Firstly, open your Google Drive application.

Step-2: Then, you can click on the (+) icon and open the gallery. 

Step-3: After opening the gallery, just select the image you will send and upload it to the drive. 

Step-4: After uploading the picture, just click on three dots under the picture and enable link sharing and copy the link.

(link sharing is enabled because a link sharing enabled file can be accessed by anyone at any time without the actual owner’s permission, so please do enable it) 

Step-5: As we discussed earlier, open the tinder app and then open the chats and send the google drive link to the chats. 

Now whenever the opposite person comes online, then they can view the picture.

In the same way, you can use cloud-based applications to upload pictures, create the link, and share it anywhere, especially on Tinder. The process is the same for every app.

So amigos! These are the two best possible ways that we can tell you regarding your query of “How to send pictures on tinder” Please use these methods and let us know how it’s working.

Thanks so much for reading so far. We hope you liked the way we solved your query. We are expecting a share and spread the word about us from your end. Once again, thank you so much.

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