How To Sync the Roku Remote Without a Pairing Button?

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Companies are selling smart TVs at very competitive pricing with cutting-edge features. So that is the reason most of the population are using smart TVs these days. The new buyers won’t be aware of every feature and sometimes it will be very problematic for our parents and grandparents to operate basic things like a remote.

In this article, we will discuss in detail connecting a remote with a Roku TV without pairing buttons. If you are the person who is using a Roku device then this article will help you.

With the help of a Roku player, we can access hundreds and thousands of movies in our boring times. If there’s something wrong with your remote you can’t access the Roku player.

What is the best way to sync the Roku remote without using the pairing button?

There are many types of remotes available in the market. But the two most used types of remotes are infrared remotes and the second type of remote is wifi-based remotes. The most widely used remotes are infrared.

You can check the top of your remote, if there’s a red light on the top then it’s an infrared remote. Unless you see a red light on top then it is probably a wifi remote.

The first thing is first, if your remote is not working, or not connecting then we should insert batteries. If there are proper batteries in the remote then it will be automatically pairing.

We will now take a look at how to connect the Roku TV remote without using the pairing button.

As we discussed above, first confirm whether your TV is compatible with wifi or infrared remotes. The remote which comes with the tv will work fine if batteries are inserted but if that remote doesn’t work then we just recommend you buy another remote which has a pairing button.

1) First, make sure that you pointed the remote towards the tv.

2) Add batteries and just try to press any button.

3) Then the remote start automatically pairing so that you can use it.

So that’s all about the query How to sync the Roku remote without the pairing button. If you like our way of explaining then please do spread the word about us so that it helps us to reach a wider audience and it motivates us to write helpful and detailed articles like this.

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